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BCN3D Sigma R17 3D printer technical specifications and pricing

Open Source 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D has released an update to their Sigma 3D printer. The Sigma is known for its independent dual extruder system (IDEX), which works with multi-materials, mutlicolors and simultaneous support printing. The new R17 model introduces new interchangeable hotends and a refined fan cooling system.

BCN3D has already begun accepting pre-orders for the device which was unveiled at SolidWorks World 2017.

Spanish 3D printers BCN3D operates out of Barcelona and are part of the large maker community in the area. The 3D printing community has thrived as a result of the Fab Lab’s ‘Fab City’ approach. We looked at this concept earlier this week with an interview OuiShare Magazine held with Tomas Diez.

BCN3D's new Sigma Hotend Family. Image via BCN3D.
BCN3D’s new Sigma Hotend Family. Image via BCN3D.

What’s new?

The updated Sigma has a new fan system that gives better cooling and allows the Sigma to run at a quieter volume. The company are also introducing a new ‘Hotend Family’ line of six different hotends.

Gif shows the Hotend Family. Images via BCN3D. 

These interchangeable hotends allow for even more adaptability with the machine. The six different nozzles range in size from 0.3mm up to 1.0mm and can be used for either of the two extruders. This family is combined with the Sigma Progen tool which configures the best combination for a user’s printing.

Gif shows the Sigma printing with soluble supports. Images via BCN3D. 

Roger Uceda, CEO of BCN3D Technologies, explains how this will “supply the users with an even more versatile tool. The Sigma R17 allows them to combine different hotends to materialize their ideas faster, with a fine quality and beyond any geometric or material constraint, while ensuring a flawless user experience.”

The Sigma R17 will retail at €2,655 ($2, 802). With the separately sold Hotend Family retailing at €234 ($247).

There is still time to make your nominations for the 1st Annual 3D Printing Industry Awards. However, be quick because nominations end today! 

Technical Specifications 

Technology – Fused Filament Fabrication

Build Volume – 210mm x 297mm x 210mm

General Dimensions – 465mm x 440mm x 680mm (including cables)

Weight – 15kg (without filament spools)

Screen – Full Color Capacitive TouchPAD

Connectivity – SD Card (autonomous), USB

Electronics – BCN3D Electronics v1.0, Independent Stepper Drivers

Operating Sound – 50 dBA

Firmware – BCN3D Sigma – Marlin

Supported Files – gcode

Printing specifications

Layer height – 0,05 – 0,5mm (depending on the nozzle diameter)

Positioning resolution (X/Y/Z) – 12,5 µm / 12,5 µm / 1 µm

Operating temperature – 15°C – 35°C

Extruder maximum temperature – 290°C

Extruder maximum printing temperature – 280°C

Heated bed maximum temperature – 100°C


Support Material – PVA

Compatible Materials – PLA, ABS, PVA, TPU, Nylon, HIPS, Specials


File preparation software – Cura-BCN3D, Simplify3D, Slic3r

Operative Systems – Windows, Mac, Linux

Supported files – STL, OBJ, AMF

Electrical specifications

Input – AC 84-240V, AC 3,6-1,3A, 50-60Hz

Output – 24V DC, 13A

Power Consumption – 240W

Featured image shows the Sigma R17 from BCN3D. Image via BCN3D.