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3D Printed Wavelet Lets You Wear Your Voice Everywhere

A person’s voice are completely unique to the speaker and may be even more distinctive than finger prints. Now, a Kickstarter was recently launched for Wavelet, which designs unique bracelets for customers using their own sound waves. The startup, which is two years in the making, is yet another creative and novel approach to using 3D technologies. Made using a patent-pending process that involves 3D printing unique molds, the Wavelet is a silicone bracelet with each customer’s personal sound wave attached to it. Since no two voices are ever alike, each bracelet is individual to the speaker, making it 100% customized.  Unlike some other Kickstarter campaigns, Wavelet seems to have made to have made the most of the two year preparation time, as they appear to have a strong product and a very clear vision.

wavelet 3D printed sound wave bracelet on kickstarter

It shouldn’t be too difficult to understand how the Wavelet works. We’ve all seen what digital sound waves look like, whether it’s on a computer’s music visualizer or some kind of audio equipment. Essentially, the Wavelet is created by taking the unique, 2D sound wave and converting it into a 3D model, which is then 3D printed as a mold from which to create the final silicone piece.

wavelet 3D printed sound wave bracelet kickstarter rewardsThe customer experience, too, is incredibly simple. Customers simply upload their voice directly onto the Wavelet webpage and decide on other custom options. While customers can record for long lengths of time, 1-10 seconds is recommended for maximum detail. The silicone bracelets are similar in structure to the iconic Live Strong bracelets and come in ten different colors and multiple sizes. And each Wavelet comes with an RFID chip that contains the actual sound file, which can be played with a separate app or on the Wavelet wesbite.

Wavelet was founded by Nick O’Donnell a business graduate at Florida State University with a background in film, graphic design, media and production. O’Donnell sees a number of potential uses for Wavelet customers. They may make great gifts for birthdays or sweet Valentine’s Day gifts. Some people may want to wear their personal mantra on their wrists. The Wavelet can also serve as a great marketing tool for musicians, bands, or any business. In addition to the Wavelet, customers can also purchase a steel Wavelet, as well as a crystal with the sound wave laser engraved into it.

wavelet 3D printed sound wave bracelet

While 3D printing sound waves isn’t an entirely new application of the technology, like many innovations in 3D technology, it takes creative minds to be able to make the innovation accessible to everyone. The Wavelet is certainly a clever and unique gift and yet another example of 3D technologies being made accessible to the masses. For more information or to back the project, head over to the Kickstarter page here.