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3D Print Your Way to Homemade Ravioli with a Homemade Mould

Too cheap to buy a 3D food printer or too lazy to build your own? Here’s the next best thing: 3D-printed ravioli moulds. That may not be the next best thing, per se, but it’s certainly a next thing.  MEH4d on Thingiverse has designed a mould for preparing your own ravioli that is a very easy way to bring 3D printing into the kitchen.

3D Printed Ravioli Maker Pasta Sheet

As MEH4d explains, you simply roll your pasta dough into a thin sheet, spread it over the 3D-printed Ravioli Maker mould and press it down into the ravioli shaped chasms.  Plop your filling into the pasta’s dents and place another sheet of pasta on top.  With a rolling pin, you can press the pasta against the zig zag grooves of the Ravioli Maker, portioning the raviolis into individual pieces.  Drop in boiling water and cook!

 There are those of you out there who are skeptical about the safety of your 3D printer’s filament.  Thingiverse user designrama, for example, warns, “There’s no ‘food safe plastic’, the term was introduced by FDA lobbyists from the plastic industry a few decades ago. Just Google ‘plastic leaching’ if you want to learn more.” Then again, there are those of you out there who like to throw caution to the wind without regard for the safety of yourself or loved ones, like user borisdamole, who says, “I have used this 4 times now and it works awesome!” So, use 3D-printed goods for food preparation at your own risk!

 Source: Thingiverse