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3D Designer Chris Yonge @ TEDx: How 4 Elements Will Transform Our Relationship To Things

Chris Yonge, a partner in MakersFactory, presented his vision of the future at TEDxSantaCruz and talked about what open products look like and how we can change our relationship with the things around us and therefore our relationship with ourselves.

He mentioned four quiet revolutions: how we make, design, communicate and finance things. The first revolution, “how we make things”, is built around 3D printing technology and how it changes the way we make things in a new dimension — allowing us to create things that were not possible with older, traditional technologies.

The second revolution, “how we design things”, is delivered through the development of designs and programs being open-source, meaning everyone has access to it without having to consult with a lawyer first.

The third revolution, “how we communicate”, is related to the internet and how it allows global instant messaging through email and skype etc.

The fourth and perhaps the most important revolution, “how we finance” things has only just begun, and refers to access for individuals to funding projects and building companies through websites such as Kickstarter.

You’ve been briefed. Now, grab a coffee and tune in for Chris’ full presentation, it is highly recommended for a clear and insightful overview of these issues:

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