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World’s First 3D Printed Snowboard

The number of end use applications for 3D printing is continuing to grow fast. The world’s first fully-functional, production grade 3D printed snowboard was created by Californian based Signal Snowboards in co-operation with 3D printing company GROWit 3D.

The Founder of Signal Snowboards Dave Lee and Signal Engineer Jeb Ferria came up with the 3D design and used a laser sintering machine to produce the parts for the snowboard, which was printed in pieces, because of the size limitation of the build area. The 3D printing material selection was carbon powder (CarbonGRO 640). The board was then bound together with resin and vacuum former overnight.

3d printed snowboard at growit 3d

The shape is truly unique and apparently curves well in untouched powder snow, as seen in the latest episode of Every Third Thursday (video below). The test rides were carried in Colorado by Signal Teamrider Matt Guess and Dave Lee, who both seemed very satisfied with how the board to behaved.

It will be very interesting to see where this development will lead with 3D printed snowboards, and whether or not, it will be the leading manufacturing method for them in the future – particularly if they can produce the boards on the larger 3D printing platforms.

Images and video: Network A

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