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Turkey’s Dental Industry Set to Benefit from 3D Printing Solutions from EOS

Many of the large 3D printing companies drive 3D printing innovation into vertical markets and geographical regions by using exclusive distributor networks. And that is precisely what EOS does. The large German-based manufacturer of plastic and metal laser sintering systems has recently announced an extension to its worldwide distribution network through a new agreement with Turkuaz Dental. The intention of this partnership is to open up EOS’ 3D printing solutions specifically for the dental sector in Turkey. Turkuaz Dental offers a strong and comprehensive sales network in the region together with local understanding of the implementation of CAD-CAM solutions and how it has been adopted within the dental sector.

Martin Bullemer, Medical/Dental Business Development Manager at EOS commented: “The market potential for additive manufacturing solutions based on laser-sintering systems in Turkey is very high as we see a huge need for dental restoration in a country with a population of about 75 Mio, 22,000 dentists and a high DMFT Index (Decayed/Missing/Filled Teeth) of 2.7.”

3D Printed Teeth

Supported by José Greses, Regional Manager Rest of World at EOS, who highlighted that: “In Turkuaz Dental we have found a perfect partner for offering the EOS advanced dental solutions in this growing region, and to develop further the market by building on our existing customer base.”

Hakan Hekimoglu , who is the General Manager and owner of Turkuaz Dental also seems to be pleased with the deal, he said: “The addition of the EOS full dental chain solutions to the well-established Turkuaz Dental CAD-CAM capabilities takes us far beyond what other dental companies are presently doing in Turkey. At the same time this cooperation will bring additional business opportunities for Turkuaz Dental by adding EOS products to our CAD-CAM portfolio. Moreover, both companies are working together to develop future strategies in the dental CAD-CAM field for Turkey.”

This is a specific opportunity for both companies that will also bring the advantages of 3D printing for dental applications into a region that has need of it. The dental market has been demonstrated to benefit greatly from the technology, which in turn filters down to the teeth of many. I imagine that most people that do benefit from the tech in this way will remain unaware of the method that produced their replacement teeth, but writing this I do find myself wondering how many 3D printed teeth there are around the world now!

Too weird?

Also – did you know that Turkey is in Europe AND Asia? It’s good to learn something new everyday!

Source and Image Credit: EOS