3D Printers

3DLPrinter Comes from Italy

Watching the 3D printing sector continue to evolve has always fascinated me and you do start to pick up on patterns after a while. The current ‘pattern’ is taking place with an influx of more precise and accurate, entry level / prosumer 3D printers based on the DLP or SL processes which offer much higher resolution in the Z axis than their deposition counterparts. Since the B9Creator first emerged last June, there has also been the Form 1, and two just a couple of weeks ago there were a couple of other. The latest 3D printer of this type comes from Italy, from a company called Robot Factory, and it is called the 3DLPrinter.

Utilising the DLP process and specially developed resin materials the focus of this new 3D printer is the precise production of very small parts. Although the pricing of the system does take it out of the range of the entry-level range and more towards the mid-range at €6000.


• System dimensions: 440 x 380 x 570 mm
• Build Chamber: 102 x 78 x 160 mm
• Weight: 40 Kg
• Layer thickness: 1 µm

Due to the nature of the DLP process, the 3DLPrinter comes with prerequisite accessories, which include:

• an ultrasonic basin for cleaning of printed parts.
• a UV Oven for hardening the surface.
• 500 cc of photosensitive resin
• 500 cc of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning both the work piece and the tools.

The 3DLPrinter can be viewed in action in the video below.