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Who Doesn't Want a 3D Printed Figure of Their Pet?

I love the idea of having a 3D figurine of my pets. As any pet owner can attest to, pets are an integral part of the family. While some people may just want a fun keepsake, for others, a statue is a way to memorialize a pet that has passed. Regardless of the reason, UK startup Arty Lobster provides a great service for anyone that wants a 3D printed copy of their furry friends.

arty lobster 3D printed pets lined up

One thing that sets Arty Lobster apart from other 3D printing services is the quality of their product. Arty Lobster has a team of highly skilled modelers that can take normal photos of your pet and turn them into a highly-detailed, full-color, and accurate model. The results look as good as a 3D scanned model, so I must say that I’m highly impressed.

arty lobster 3D printed pets

Arty Lobster’s process is pretty straightforward. They ask that you send 5-15 photos of your pet. Ideally the photos should have them in the same position, but be taken from various angles around the pet. Lighting should be good, the creature should remain still, and photos of the face are important. Once you submit your photos, you can expect your figurine in the mail 3-4 weeks later. Currently, the figurines can be printed in full-color sandstone or bronze and in 7-8cm or 14cm sizes. Arty Lobster will also ship anywhere in the world for just £5.

Lars Andersen, founder of Arty Lobster, was a finalist at the FSB London Business Awards 2014, in the Real Life Entrepreneur category. He says that the company does not limit itself to any particular breeds because each design is specifically based on the characteristics of the pet that is provided.  They are also not limited to dogs, as there have modeled reptiles and rabbits.  I may need to give this service a try as I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get a decent 3D scan of my dogs and it looks like these modelers can produce designs almost at the same level as a professional scanner.