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Upon Kickstarter Funding, Helix 3D Printer Announces Stretch Goals

Earlier this month, Colin let us know about the Helix 3D Printer from Acuity Design, based in Missoula, Montana. The design group had already put $70k of their own dollars towards realizing a unique desktop 3D printer design and had turned to Kickstarter for another $95k.  The Kickstarter community saw the value of the Helix’s dual Extract Retract Extruders, LCD screen with SD card reader for tetherless printing, large print volume, and fast, but precise movement. Now that the project is successfully funded, Acuity Design has released its stretch goals to push the Helix 3D Printer even farther. Drum roll please!

Bear 3D Print Helix

  • At $125,000, Stretch Goal #1 is a nice 1lb spool of taulman 645 nylon copolymer filament with a 1 kg spool of ABS in blue, black, red or white, thrown in with every Helix 3D printer purchase.
  • Reaching a mark of $150,000 and the company will add, in addition to the aforementioned spools, 1lb of HIPS, dissolvable filament for easy to remove support structures, and an HIPS Support Removal Kit made up of 32 oz of Limonene for dissolving, a Limonene-safe tub and a how-to guide for HIPS removal.
  • If the company earns $200,000, the LCD screen on every printer will be replaced with a sweet 3.2” full-color TFT touch screen display, plus the first two stretch goal packages.

The project is funded at $102,933 with three days to go at the time of publication, so they’ve just got a few days left to make the mark.