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Ultimaker announces Essentium, eSUN, and Polymaker joins its Material Alliance Program, Cloud update for Cura software

At TCT ASIA in Shanghai, award winning 3D printer OEM  Ultimaker has announced that Essentium, eSUN and Polymaker have joined its Material Alliance Program. The collaboration will allow the three companies to develop print profiles for Ultimaker Cura slicing software, giving users access to its third-party materials for FFF 3D printing in the Cura marketplace.

Ultimaker has also announced a cloud platform enhancement to its Cura 3D printing workflow. Ultimaker Cloud will be available from March 19, 2019 packed with the latest version of the print preparation software, Ultimaker Cura 4.0.

Jos Burger, CEO at Ultimaker, commented, “By offering material profiles directly to millions of end users via the Ultimaker Marketplace, we unlock new 3D printing applications for different industries.”

“Essentium, eSUN, and Polymaker and are well-respected material companies, offering unique material properties that are relevant for engineers working in a wide range of industries.”

Ultimaker desktop 3D printers. Image via Ultimaker.
Ultimaker desktop 3D printers. Image via Ultimaker.

The Ultimaker Material Alliance Program

The Ultimaker Material Alliance Program was designed to enable a range of engineering materials that are compatible with Ultimaker 3D printers. Founding members of the program include fellow materials and chemical companies DSM, BASF and DuPont.

Under the program, Texan 3D printing process and materials provider Essentium is offering an Ultimaker print profile for its Ultrafuse Z PCTG material, available to download in the Ultimaker Cura marketplace. The material is electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe, with the aim of allowing engineers and designers in the electronics industry to benefit from desktop 3D printing.

“We have partnered with BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer, to create the Ultrafuse-Z line, which is a series of ESD safe filaments that are powered by Essentium. We offer material print profiles for Ultrafuse-Z PCTG in the Ultimaker Marketplace,” said Dr. Blake Teipel, CEO Essentium.

The Ultimaker Cura Interface. Photo via Ultimaker.
The Ultimaker Cura Interface. Photo via Ultimaker.

eSUN is a Chinese manufacturer of 3D printing filaments and resins, specializing in the industrialization of biodegradable polymers. It is making profiles on Ultimaker Cura software for three materials: PETG, ePA-CF and HIPS (high-impact polystyrene). Dr. Yihu Yang, CEO at eSUN stated “We are delighted to join the Ultimaker Materials Alliance Program with material print profiles of PETG, ePA-CF, and HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), since it allows us to speed up the development of eco-friendly 3D printed products by using renewable resources.”

Lastly, Polymaker, the 3D Printing Industry Awards 2017 Material Company of the Year, is to offer Cura profiles for PolyMide PA6-CF, PolyMide CoPA and PolyCast filaments. “FFF 3D printing remains the most practical and accessible of all 3D printing technologies,” explains Dr. Xiaofan Luo, President of Polymaker. “The three materials we offer via the Ultimaker Marketplace […]are among the most unique and advanced materials in our portfolio.”

Low-Poly male figure and tiger Transformer 3D printed in ESUN filament. Photo via: Esunparadise on Facebook
Low-Poly male figure and tiger Transformer 3D printed in ESUN filament. Photo via: Esunparadise on Facebook

Integrating Cura into the Cloud

Ultimaker Cura software is designed to prepare models for 3D printing, bolstered by workflow integration between third party CAD applications including SolidWorks and Siemens NX. Recently, Ultimaker announced that it would provide its Cura software, as well as its machines, to international aerospace company Airbus, to be used at its facilities in Europe.

In Ultimaker’s Cloud update, users will be given access to backups, allowing Cura settings to be saved remotely and applied in different locations, from different computers. Users will also be able to send print jobs to Ultimaker printers integrated with network capabilities, using the remote printing feature. Concluding the announcement, Burger stated, “Ultimaker Cloud is a crucial next step in our journey to speed up the world’s transition to local digital manufacturing.”

“I have no doubt that our enabling platform, formed with our global network of software and material partners, makes Ultimaker the preferred solution in the desktop space.”

Ultimaker 3 3D printers. Photo via Ultimaker
Ultimaker 3 3D printers. Photo via Ultimaker

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Featured image shows Ultimaker desktop 3D printers. Image via Ultimaker.

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