Interview: Kevin Yang, CEO, eSUN 3D filaments

Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co. Ltd. (aka eSUN) is known for its R&D and industrialization of biodegradable polymers such as PCL and PLAIts objective is to develop eco-friendly products by using renewable resources. 

eSUN began developing 3D printing materials in 2007. It has now become a global supplier of 3D printed filaments for FDM, and polymers for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing systems. In addition, with its background in chemicals, eSUN is also a global supplier of several kinds of photopolymers.

In a conversation with Kevin Yang, CEO of Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co. Ltd at TCT Show 2018, I had a chance to discuss eSUN’s further plans and the prospect of 3D printing industry in China.

Kevin Yang interviewing for 3D Printing Industry at TCT 2018 in the UK. Photo by eSUN.
Kevin Yang interviewing for 3D Printing Industry at TCT 2018. Photo via eSUN.

New technology for 3D printing

Yang comments, “The Chinese market is growing rapidly. For instance, FDM technology is used in the education sector, and jewelry and dental industries to name a few. Whereas some companies focus on 3D printing services. “

“Currently, we are working with a few companies to develop huge FDM machines, as some people think that the present technology is slow, inaccurate and unsuitable for printing big sizes, like 5m in terms of length and height. The development of this is by using pellet instead of filament. Each hour it can print 8-10 kilograms – again, faster but inaccurate, ” he added.

“Hence, we will use CNC machines to polish the surface, and will put 3D printer within CNC machine to print together. That will allow you to print faster with accuracy. That’s our new technology.”

Kevin Yang talking to visitors at eSUN stand at TCT 2018 in the UK. Photo by eSUN.
Kevin Yang talking to visitors at eSUN stand at TCT 2018. Photo via eSUN.

eSUN in the global market

Yang further stated, “For eSUN, our filament makes a global market of about 25-30% share. 40% in USA, 30% in Europe, and 30% in Asia and Pacific. Chinese, Korean and Australian markets are well established, whereas markets of Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia are growing faster. North American and European may be the top two markets but Asian market is catching up quickly.”

“Every year we attend thirty shows globally, such as TCT Birmingham, TCT Shanghai, Rapid + TCT in Northern America, FormNext in Frankfurt, and more shows in India, Australia, and Korea. In India, we find a lot of curiosity about 3D printers and filaments,” he said.

“We attend these shows to know the industry and to see how it’s growing. It’s very important to know the market. Not only to sell our products, but also to learn about how the industry is developing.”

“In the UK, we have a warehouse in Cambridge. We sell our products via companies like Amazon and MyMiniFactory,” he concluded.

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Featured image shows 3D printed products at eSUN’s stand at TCT 2018 in the UK. Photo via eSUN.