Materials releases fully food safe PLA for 3D printers, a prominent Canadian webstore for 3D printer materials, has released a new fully food safe filament range unlocking the potential of kitchen-friendly 3D printing projects. True Food Safe PLA (True FS PLA) is now available to order exclusively from the site (, and can be used to 3D print cups, cutlery, cookie cutters, utensils, cake toppers and other custom culinary equipment with significantly less risk.

According to, True Food Safe PLA is made using FDA approved raw materials, including food safe color pigments and additives. It follows a six stage process for assured security: “Our Food Safe PLA is unique because we have specifically taken all necessary steps and measures to ensure that food safety is a key component in the production of this filament.”

Renewable, compostable, and strong 3D printer material True FS PLA is sourced from bioplastic manufacturer NatureWorks LLC’s Ingeo™ range of materials. Ingeo™ materials are produced to improve upon the standard toughness and adhesion properties of standard PLA. They exhibit faster crystallization rates, less warping, and can be annealed to improve heat deflection. Through annealing, True FS PLA can also become dishwasher safe, leading to more functional products for around the home and kitchen.  

Like all PLA filaments, True FS is a plant-based polymer, made from renewable resources and byproducts like corn starch and cassava roots. In this sense, the material is also compostable, recyclable and non-toxic, producing a low-odor when melted for 3D printing.

Properties of True Food Safe PLA. Image via
Properties of True Food Safe PLA. Image via

Six part food safety

From the early stages of production, ensures the quality of True FS PLA through the addition of benign color pigments and additives. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and clean manufacturing procedures are maintained on-site to guarantee the elimination of any pathogens and contaminants.

Every batch of filament is coded with a serial number for traceability, and spools are individually vacuum sealed in food contact safe bags for protection.

In product testing, cleanliness is verified by a microbiological analysis of the surface of the filament, and all materials are kept in a designated warehouse to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Prior to shipment, each product is given a certificate of conformance and issued to each customer with a declaration of its safety.

True Food Safe PLA process. Image via
True Food Safe PLA process. Image via

As an important note to the customer, however, explains that though True FS PLA is food safe, other components that come into contact with the material when 3D printing, i.e. the extruder, printbed etc. may not be. In addition, layer lines of the 3D printed object can gather bacteria. To maintain true safety, recommends using a stainless steel nozzle for 3D printing, and instructs the user to ensure the general cleanliness of the 3D printer’s environment, and regular sanitization of any objects made from the material.

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True FS PLA does not require any special settings for 3D printing. The recommended printing temperature is 190°C – 230°C, and the spools are compatible with any system that accepts 1.75 mm and/or 2.85 mm diameter.

The material is available in 18 food-themed colors including Black Licorice, Watermelon Red, Pink Dragonfruit and Green Apple.

Buy a 1kg spool of True Food Safe PLA direct from here.

True Food Safe PLA colors. Photo via
True Food Safe PLA colors. Photo via

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Featured image shows Food Safe Filaments. Image via