3D Printing

Turkish Company Milks 3D Printing with Mini Milk Truck

Remember the good ol’ days when the milkman delivered milk right to your door? Me either! But, today, massive trucks are still used to deliver milk to and from their factories.  In Turkey, one of the biggest dairy companies is Ülker and, to market itself to a younger audience at a recent event, the company invoked the use of 3D printing and the help of local design team 5 dakika to create a scale model of one of their distribution trucks.

painting the 5 dakika 3D printed Ülker milk truck

The vehicle constructed by 5 dakika was more than just a model.  It was a delivery truck in its own right, carrying actual milk tanks for passing out milk at the event.

side view mirrors for painting the 5 dakika 3D printed Ülker milk truck

While the main shaft and the tanks of the milk were made out of metal and a piece of plexiglass was used for the truck’s window, the rest of the 200-cm long model was 3D printed in PLA, connected piece by piece.  Upon assembly, the vehicle was painted to reflect the colors of Ülker’s own trucks.

wheels for the 5 dakika 3D printed Ülker milk truck

The project, carried out in collaboration with Studioflow and led by Serdar Okumuş and Kağan Hanoğlu, is just one of the many projects worked on by 5 dakika. In addition to providing what they call “Experience Design” services, designing spaces, objects, processes, and events, the firm is a part of Turkey’s larger Maker Movement through Makers Türkiye. With that in mind, they may be a group to keep an eye on for similar clever projects in the region.

5 dakika 3D prints Ülker milk truck