Trump Trump with a 3D Printed Trump Stress Ball

The US primaries can be a stressful time.  Not just for those in the United States, but for people all over the globe, anxiously awaiting who will become one of the most powerful people in the world.  For that reason, some form of catharsis can come in handy.  You may not be able to 3D print Simone Schramm’s haptic stress ball at home any time soon. And a Trump-themed butt plug may not be your cup of tea.  Lucky for you, MyMiniFactory user Ricardo Salomao has created the perfect stress ball for your presidential anxieties.

3D printed donald trump stress ball

3D printed in NinjaFlex with two shells, 10% infill, and a slow print speed, Ricardo has designed the Trump Stress Ball.  Ricardo comments, “For best usage hammers, walls, vices and spikes are advised.” He’d also like anyone who shares his design to credit him and tag him (@salomaoric) on social media. And be courteous! Ricardo requests, “PLEASE: Do not sell or upload on any other websites without my permission.”