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Transparent Prototypes — 3D Printing in the Cosmetic Packaging Sector

There are many interesting examples of 3D printing’s benefits within the product development process in various industries. The latest comes from the cosmetics sector, specifically the cosmetic packaging containing all the EdT’s, EdP’s and other French abbreviations. Adam Smith, Technical Manager at Collcap Packaging, has chosen an Objet30 Pro 3D printer for his company in order to better serve their customers’ individual needs when developing superior cosmetics packaging solutions.

The most important added value Adam sees the Objet30 Pro bringing Collcap is the speed of the iterative process, as they can now create new designs and get feedback from their customers in a matter of days – compared to the weeks that the process used to take with more conventional product development and prototyping methods i.e. before getting up-close and personal with the Objet 3D printer capable of working with 7 different materials.

This new process structure also enables Collcap customers to demand more – and to get the design they really want – as changes to prototypes can now be made quickly and without significant added cost. One aspect of providing the customer with a real in-depth understanding of the core of the packaging design is to have it in the right colour – or, as in this case, a complete lack of it – as the preference for perfume packaging tends to be transparent. This is also an angle where the Objet 3D printer has proved to be particularly valuable for Collcap.

Below is a video of Adam Smith explaining how the company has benefitted from the Objet30 Pro.

According to the Objet blog, the benefits from the usage of 3D printers has been such an eye-opener for Collcap, that they’re now even offering RP services to customers outside the cosmetics and packaging sectors.

Source: Objet blog

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