3DP Applications

Miniature Master Piece

Precision car models made from the original designs are an ideal showcase for 3D printing technology and the various fabrication tools being developed for the industry. Solidscape, which is now part of Stratasys, is focused on developing high precision 3D printers and the company has created a rather fascinating model with their partnering companies to showcase their technical capability. The 1931 Bentley Blower “LeMans” car was a head turning masterpiece in its own time, and the newly recreated 1:5 scale model is guaranteed to have the same impact.

This model was designed by Misko Models, which is a leading manufacturer of high end precision model cars and has been for the past two decades – mainly for collectors and car enthusiasts with a passion for perfection. This model comprises over 7300 parts and weighing in at 21kg it includes several moving parts such as operational steering, workable brakes, clutch, choke and adjustable ignition. The Bentley model also comes with a full reproduction set of its original tools, including a jack and fire extinguisher.

Bentley Solidscape modelThe casting for critical components was undertaken by Horbach GmbH utilising patterns created on Solidscape machines. Christian Müller CEO at Horbach explained: “We do a lot of work now for Misko, and the capability of the Solidscape machine for use with the lost-wax casting process is central to that. We have cast from aluminum, brass, bronze, nickel and silver from the wax cores, all with excellent surface finish and accuracy. We believe that the quality of the parts is now the best in the world.”

This Bentley model took 18 months to construct and all of the model parts have cast and etched the original numbering used in the 1931 car. This model is valued at EUR 36,000 and it has already found its first buyer. “This stunning Bentley model was a huge hit at the Euromold show in Frankfurt, Germany,” states Fabio Esposito, VP, Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Solidscape. “It is a fitting example of how when precision counts, top professionals count on Solidscape.”

You can admire this beauty in the video below.