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Third-party Panda Series upgrades unveiled for Bambu Lab 3D printers

BIQU, a Shenzhen-based developer of 3D printing hardware, has unveiled a range of plug and play mods and upgrades for Bambu Lab P, X, and A Series 3D printers. 

Featured within the Panda Series, these mods include the Panda Revo Hotend, Panda Lux LED upgrade kit, Panda Fur protective leather cover, and Panda nPEI Build Plate.    

The most recent addition to the Panda Series comes from BIGTREETECH, a partner brand of BIQU specializing in 3D printing electronics, which has announced the Panda Touch. This five-inch touchscreen connects to Bambu 3D printers via USB-C connection and a mounting bracket. 

The Panada Touch is designed to enable intuitive, direct control of the Bambu multi-material AMS system. This reportedly allows users to easily manage and customize filament types, colors, and 3D printing temperatures on up to 10 Bambu systems simultaneously.  

This announcement follows the news that Bambu Lab will allow users to install third-party firmware on its 3D printers through an optional firmware update. To install third party firmware, customers must sign a waiver revoking their 3D printer’s warranty. 

Significantly, as a plug and play add-on, users do not need to sign the Bambu Lab warranty waiver to install the Panda Touch, or any other Panda Series product.    

Whilst technical specification and pricing details regarding the Panda Pad are currently limited, BIGTREETECH will announce more information during a live stream at 7:00 am EST on January 18th.  


Plug and play upgrades for Bambu Lab 3D printers  

BIGTREETECH’s Panda Pad is advertised as offering seamless integration with Bambu Lab P1P and P1S 3D printers, and offers a quick and easy setup process. 

The Panda Pad can support up to 4 AMS units and 16 filament slots per 3D printer, on up to 10 different Bambu Lab systems.  

The add-on also features a magnetic assembly and a built-in lithium battery. Chargeable through the magnetic base, the Print Pad can be detached from the 3D printer and used portably for up to 30 minutes. 

What’s more, the Print Pad incorporates a customized UX&UI system that mirrors the original factory interface, whilst also offering wireless WiFi connectivity. 

BIQU has also announced the Panda Revo Hotend as part of the Panda Series. Developed in collaboration with UK-based hotend manufacturer E3D, this add-on is available to pre-order now for $149 via the BIQU online store. 

This new hotend is compatible with both Bambu Lab X1 and P1 Series 3D printers, and features a 0.4mm Revo HF nozzle and a 60W heater core for increased material flow. 

Moreover, the add-ons RapidChange Revo system allows the Panda Revo Hotend to be quickly and easily installed. Additionally, the hotend is compatible with all RapidChange Revo heaters and nozzles, facilitating tool-free nozzle changes without the need for heater disassembly.      

Bambu is yet to provide additional information regarding the upcoming Panda Lux, Panda Fur, and Panda nPEI Build Plate products.    

These new third-party add-ons follow the launch of Bambu Lab and E3D’s ObXidian hardened tip hotend for X1 and P1 Series 3D printers in December 2023. This partnership marked Bambu’s first-ever third-party ecosystem collaboration. At the time, Bambu stated that it had made its “first step to embrace the aftermarket,” adding that it is “open to collaboration with responsible partners.” 

The Panda Revo Hotend. Image via BIGTREETECH
The Panda Revo Hotend. Image via BIGTREETECH.

3D printer upgrades

Although new for Bambu Lab, aftermarket 3D printer upgrades are a common feature of the 3D printing industry. 

These upgrades are key to Czech-based desktop 3D printer manufacturer Prusa Reserach’s business model. The company has previously launched a redesigned extruder for the Original Prusa i3 MK3S 3D printer. This upgraded extruder features an updated optical sensor which can detect filament flow. 

The company has also released a multi-material 3D printing upgrade, which enables its i3 MK3 to 3D print in five different materials. Called the Multi Material Upgrade 2.0 (MMU2), this offering also cuts the number of extruder motors from four to one.

Elsewhere, US 3D printer manufacturer nano3Dprint announced upgrades to its A2200 Multi-Materials 3D Printer and B3300 Dual-Dispensing 3D Printer last year. These upgrades consist of precise dispensing tips that enhance 3D printing resolution, improve 3D printer performance, and expand 3D printing capabilities. 

The precision dispensing tips are designed to meet demands in high resolution 3D printing, allowing users to fabricate complex and intricate electrical components. Indeed, adding these aftermarket upgrades enables the A2200 and B3300 3D printers to achieve a resolution of 100 microns, an improvement over the previous 200 microns. 

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Featured image shows the Panda Pad. Image via BIGTREETECH.