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nano3dprint announces upgrades to A2200 and B3300 3D printers for higher resolution prints

US 3D printer manufacturer nano3Dprint has announced upgrades to its A2200 Multi-Materials 3D Printer and B3300 Dual-Dispensing 3D Printer.

The upgrades consist of precise dispensing tips that enhance the resolution of 3D printing, improve 3D printer performance, and expand the capabilities of 3D printers. Ramsey Stevens, CEO of nano3Dprint said, “We’ve seen an increased demand for higher resolution prints. These upgrades will help our customer base engineer a wide range of 3D designs as well as smaller electronic components. They can now make more complex and conformal advanced applications such as sensors, batteries, and wearables.”

A2200 Multi-Materials 3D printer. Image via nano3Dprint.
A2200 Multi-Materials 3D printer. Image via nano3Dprint.

Precision dispensing tips improve resolution and accuracy

The introduction of precision dispensing tips in the A2200 and B3300 printers enables them to achieve a resolution of 100 microns, an improvement over the previous 200 microns. These tips exhibit less variation in their dispensing capabilities compared to standard blunt needle nozzles, enhancing the stability and accuracy of the A2200 and B3300 systems. As a result, these upgrades facilitate more precise 3D printing with improved dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and the ability to create smaller features and complex designs in prototypes.

To enhance the production of high-precision prints, glass syringes capable of handling corrosive substances such as solvents have been introduced. Glass syringes offer advantages over plastic ones, as they are less prone to gas diffusion and exhibit greater chemical inertness. These glass syringes are available for purchase online. Additionally, specialized adapters are also offered for sale, allowing the utilization of glass syringes, precision nozzles, and high-resolution nozzles in the printing process.

“While the glass syringes were previously part of our Materials Starter Kit, making them individually available promotes wider accessibility for our customers,” added Stevens.

B3300 Dual Dispensing 3D printer. Image via nano3Dprint.
B3300 Dual Dispensing 3D printer. Image via nano3Dprint.

Upgrades leading to enhanced 3D printing processes

Polish SLS 3D printers manufacturer Sinterit announced Sinterit Studio software upgrade. Sinterit Studio was designed for use with the company’s desktop Lisa and Lisa Pro 3D printers, providing users with end-to-end print management functionality from part slicing to real-time build monitoring. The software was available in four different versions, allowing users to choose between a free variant or one of the paid premium versions for additional material capabilities.

3D printer manufacturer Stratasys upgraded its J750 Digital Anatomy 3D printer to produce models that replicated porous bone structures, fibrotic tissue, and ligaments more accurately. The Digital Anatomy 3D printer underwent a medical upgrade, initially focusing on mimicking soft cardiology tissues such as hearts and blood vessels. With an upgrade to its Digital Anatomy software, the 3D printer’s capabilities were expanded to include biomechanically accurate orthopedic applications.

“We believe that better preparedness leads to better clinical outcomes,” said Osnat Philipp, Vice President and Global Healthcare Team Leader at Stratasys. “The mechanical properties of bone are so fundamental to the ability of our skeletons to support movement, provide protection for our vital organs and ultimately affect our quality of life.”

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Featured image shows A2200 Multi-Materials 3D printer. Image via nano3Dprint.