3D Printing

Swiss PrintaBit is a Polished, Plated 3D Printing Service Bureau

While working on a top secret project, I’ve been looking for 3D printing service bureaus that are willing to 3D print certain mysterious items.  After seeing that at least two, maybe three, of the major 3D printing services probably wouldn’t be keen on the idea, my wife pointed me towards PrintaBit, a Swiss firm that seems to offer many of the same 3D printing technologies as the other large bureaus.

3D printed dogs from Printabit

Unfortunately, the 3DP service doesn’t allow people to open their own e-shops, as is the case with companies like Shapeways and Sculpteo – this means it might not work for my top secret project – but it does allow customers to upload their own 3D printable designs to be manufactured with a similar variety of technologies: selective laser sintering, stereolithography, Objet polyjet, and, if you require further specific processes, you can 3D print your objects with FDM and Zcorp colorjet printing.

electroplating 3D printed dogs from Printabit via 3D printing industry copyPrintaBit also offers some nice looking finished for printed goods, such as polishing, painting, and varnishing.  If you’re looking for that metal-coated look, the Swiss firm allows customers to electroplate their prints in chrome, gold, and copper.

In addition to their own 3DP services, the company has begun building what looks to be a very sleek online shop and gallery to display and sell 3D printed artwork created by talented artists.  The feature image above is sculpture created by French graffiti artist Noé Two. Below is a 3D printed sculpture (echoed throughout PrintaBit’s site) by French artist Brokovich.

3D printed sculpture from Printabit via 3d printing industry

Because the company seems relatively small, they may be able to offer a more personalized touch when it comes to using their services, so if you have specific project requirements or need help refining a model so that it’s more suitable for 3D printing, they may be able to assist you for an extra fee.  Though they don’t quite have the e-commerce option I need specifically, their polished site and finishing services are interesting enough for me to consider doing a few prints through PrintaBit.