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Five Color, Five Material 3D Printer RoVa3D Fully Funds on Kickstarter

The RoVa3D from ORD Systems is the first 5-material or 5-color-liquid-cooled 3D printer. It was just launched on Kickstarter late last week, has already been completely funded, and is now homing in on the first of several exciting stretch goals.

RoVa3d 3D Printing Industry

Canada’s ORD Solutions brings its amazing 5 extruder 3D printer back to Kickstarter with a whole host of new features and enhancements. By buying early through Kickstarter you can get it for considerably less than their previous successfully crowd-funded 3D printer, or if you’ve already purchased the MH3000R1 then you can simply buy an upgrade kit in order to get all of the new features on your old machine.

RoVa3D_Extruder 3D Printing IndustryORD Solutions first 3D printer was already amazing and their new 3D printer still manages to improve upon it. The RoVa3D is made of the same high quality materials as the MH3000R1 including an aerospace alloy frame, stainless steel gears and bearings, all metal pulleys, and injection molded plastic parts. You’re also going to get the same 5 distinct print nozzles, all-metal liquid cooled hot ends and side-mounted extruders from the original printer. But there have been some pretty impressive upgrades made, and considering that you can buy this 3D printer on Kickstarter for less than you can currently purchase the original MH3000R1, the RoVa3D is the definition of a steal.

Here’s a roundup of the new features:

RoVa3D_newfeatures 3D Printing Industry

The new RoVa3D will not only print in five different colors, but it can now print in five different materials – all with different printing temperatures – at the same time. Each printer head can be fitted with different sized nozzles – .35mm, .5mm. .7mm – allowing you to use one head for faster filling and another smaller head for finer, high detail points on the model. Here is a  close up shot of a 5 color model being 3D printed.

RoVa3d_5colorprint_2 3D Printing Industry

This is a surprising amount of versatility for a desktop 3D printer that you can purchase for under $3000.00. And if you don’t anticipate ever needing to print in five different colors or materials at the same time, then you can simply purchase the machine with the number of extruders that you do think you’ll need. And don’t worry, you can always upgrade and add more later.

Currently this Kickstarter is completely funded, so if you’re in the market for a 3D printer and are looking for something that is robust enough for continuous printing then backing this Kickstarter is basically a no-brainer. You’re probably saving well over a $1000.00 off of the eventual retail price by buying it early and as of today there are still a few pledge slots available for a guaranteed Christmas delivery with a second delivery date expected for Valentines Day.