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Stratasys hits fashion industry with new J850 TechStyle 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

Leading 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys has announced the launch of its latest full-color PolyJet 3D printer, the J850 TechStyle.

Operating on the firm’s all-new 3DFashion technology, the machine is marketed as being the world’s first additive manufacturing system designed specifically for printing directly onto textile materials. Aimed squarely at fashion designers and clothing manufacturers, the J850 TechStyle has use-cases in customized high-end clothing, bags, accessories, and even footwear.

In a bid to strengthen the launch of the J850 TechStyle, Stratasys has also set up partnerships with several organizations such as fashion tech firm Dyloan and its urban laboratory venture D-House. The latter is described as being a center of excellence for fashion manufacturing technologies, and is helping Stratasys develop applications from concept design to production.

Lidewij Edelkoort, a renowned fashion specialist and trend forecaster, states that fashion designers have been seeking a fabric-specific 3D printer for a long time. She adds, “From decorative craft to creative engineering comes this hybrid machine from Stratasys, as an answer to a million prayers, allowing the ascension of embellishment for an inclusive following.”

The J850 TechStyle 3D printer. Photo via Stratasys.
The J850 TechStyle 3D printer. Photo via Stratasys.

PolyJet 3D printing with Stratasys

The PolyJet product line is Stratasys’ proprietary range of high-speed material jet 3D printers. Included in the flagship J8 series are the full-color J850 Prime 3D printer, the mid-level J850 Pro, and the entry-level J826. The J826 is the smallest and most affordable machine in the lineup, sporting a build volume of just 255 x 252 x 200mm.

On the other hand, the J5 line includes the J55, J5 DentaJet, and J5 MediJet. The former is aimed at professional designers and engineers looking to fabricate in-house ‘enterprise-quality’ prototypes at a third of the price of industrial-grade competitors. The DentaJet and MediJet are intended specifically for dental and medical applications such as implant models, multi-color medical models, and functional surgical guides.

The build platform of the J850 TechStyle. Photo via Stratasys.
The build platform of the J850 TechStyle. Photo via Stratasys.

The J850 TechStyle

Stratasys’ latest innovation is capable of printing directly onto a wide variety of fabric materials such as cotton, denim, linen, polyester, and leather. Users will also be able to leverage a comprehensive set of resin materials including Agilus30 CMY for full-color flexible designs and Vero ContactFlex for transparent prints with a soft, silk-like feel. Stratasys VeroVivid resin will also enable over 600,000 unique color gradients, as well as a range of shore values.

Ultimately, J850 TechStyle customers will be able to personalize their 3D printed fabric pieces with complex optical illusionary effects for custom limited edition designs. The company has already commissioned its upcoming TechStyle-enabled SSYS 2Y22 fashion and design collection, which will be on display at Milan Design Week from June 6 -12. The collection comprises pieces from seven different design teams, including high-end dresses and suits, daywear, lighting, luxury packaging, handbags, accessories, and shoes.

“As far back as 2019, I predicted that in just a couple of years we would see 3D printing incorporated into high-end fashion houses,” said Naomi Kaempfer, Director of Stratasys Art, Design and Fashion. “That time is here. We learned and modified those early designs, and created a new, dedicated printer using 3DFashion technology that is allowing fashion designers to create without limits. This is just the beginning of the journey as we continue to evolve this technology and pioneer new fashion design innovations.”

A 3D printed SSYS 2Y22 design by Jasna Rokegem and Travis Fitch. Photo via Stratasys.
A 3D printed SSYS 2Y22 design by Jasna Rokegem and Travis Fitch. Photo via Stratasys.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the J850 TechStyle. Readers interested in purchasing the 3D printer can request a quote on the Stratasys store page.

Build volume460 x 360 x 50mm (on fabrics up to 2m²)
Max fabric sizeUp to 2m²
Fabric thickness0.1 – 3mm
Layer thicknessDown to 27 microns
Machine dimensions1400 x 1260 x 1100mm

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Featured image shows a 3D printed SSYS 2Y22 design by Jasna Rokegem and Travis Fitch. Photo via Stratasys.