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Stratasys launches the PolyJet J850 Pro 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

3D printer OEM Stratasys has launched its new multi-material PolyJet 3D printer, the J850 Pro.

Designed for engineering-grade prototyping applications, the latest addition to the industrial J8 Series is primarily aimed at engineers and designers seeking monochrome functional prototypes at an affordable price. The company has tailored the J850 Pro’s 3D printing capabilities to suit concept verification and performance testing purposes in a wide variety of sectors such as automotive, medical, and consumer products.

Shamir Shoham, Design Vice President at Stratasys, states, “We’ve seen the value to customers of our PolyJet 3D printers – in throughput, accuracy, reliability, and multi-material capabilities – and are excited to have the J850 Pro now bring that value to our engineering customers, at an attractive price.”

The J850 Pro. Photo via Stratasys.
The J850 Pro. Photo via Stratasys.

PolyJet production with Stratasys

Stratasys is an industry leader in material jet 3D printing, and offers its own take on the technology with its extensive PolyJet range. The flagship J8 Series is led by the J850 Prime 3D printer, a full-color variant of the newly released J850 Pro. The smaller and more accessible machine in the series is the J826, with a maximum model size of 255 x 252 x 200mm. However, what it lacks in build volume it makes up for in material flexibility, as it is compatible with rigid, transparent, and tear-resistant materials capable of withstanding extreme torsion.

The company also manufactures several niche-specific 3D printers, namely for the dental industry. The J700 Dental is intended for clear aligner production; the J720 Dental allows for full-color orthodontic parts; and the J750 Digital Anatomy is capable of mimicking bone and tissue for life-like medical models.

Shoe sole prototypes 3D printed on a J850. Photo via Stratasys.
Shoe sole prototypes 3D printed on a J850. Photo via Stratasys.

The J850 Pro

Stratasys has designed every aspect of the J850 Pro to enable users to work faster with greater productivity. The company has boldly claimed that the machine can achieve prototyping cost reductions of 80% and throughput improvements of 500% when compared to traditional manufacturing.

The system is able to jet seven different 3D printing materials at the same time, granting engineers huge scope for multi-material combinations. The machine is compatible with the company’s full suite of grayscale (and transparent) resins, including the rigid Vero family, the flexible Agilus30 family, and the Digital ABS range. By loading their most used resins into the slots, users can significantly reduce the downtime associated with material changeovers. 

With a large-format build volume measuring 490 x 390 x 200mm, the machine lends itself quite well to both high-throughput and large part production. Models can also reportedly be printed at twice the speed of the company’s own legacy systems when using the new Super High Speed mode, allowing for more rapid design iterations than ever. Typical applications here would be texture simulation, product labeling, shock absorbers, living hinges, and even transparent elements for optics products.

Ofer Libo, Product Manager for the J850 Pro, concludes, “The ability to easily create prototypes delivers great value to engineering teams in different stages of the development cycle. In addition, the J850 Pro’s multi-material capabilities and large throughput enables them to test different designs, textures, and material properties to accelerate time to market and precisely deliver on user needs.”

Vacuum cleaner dust extractor 3D printed using Stratasys grayscale and clear resins. Image via Stratasys.
Vacuum cleaner dust extractor 3D printed using Stratasys grayscale and clear resins. Image via Stratasys.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the Stratasys J850 Pro. The system is available to order now and readers interested in purchasing the machine should visit the Stratasys store page for a quote. For those seeking full-color printing capabilities, the J850 Pro is also software-upgradeable to the Prime version.

Build volume490 x 390 x 200mm
Layer thicknessDown to 14 microns
ConnectivityLAN – TCP/IP
System size1400 x 1260 x 1100mm
Weight430kg (excluding material cabinet)
SoftwareGrabCAD Print
Resin slots7
Material compatibilityVero, Agilus30, Digital ABS, grayscale and clear

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Featured image shows the J850 Pro. Photo via Stratasys.