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A 3D printer under $100? Meet the STARTT

The STARTT 3D printer aims to get first-timers started in the world of 3D printing. The 3D printer is the product of 3 years of research and feedback by 3D designers, engineers, makers and enthusiasts, and is bringing 3D printing into every home.

The STARTT 3D printer. Clip via iMakr Store on YouTube

Full guidance from start to finish 

From start to finish the STARTT takes only around 5 hours to build, and comes with an easy to follow step-by-step manual of the setup. The advantage of such a hands on approach ensures that users understand all the parts of the 3D printer.

iMakr will sell this introductory 3D printer and also plans to introduce workshops for STARTT buyers at their stores in New York and London.

Inside the iMakr Store in London.
Inside the iMakr Store in London.

Technical specifications

The STARTT has a max build size of 120 x 140 x 130 mm (W x D x H). It operates using fused filament fabrication (FFF) and can 3D print using PLA. In a press release earlier today iMakr unveiled this “opportunity to take a step into the 3D printing world” with an “affordable but effective printer is the first machine you will need to embark on your 3D printing journey.”

A test elephant print on the sub $100 3D printer. Clip via iMakr Store on YouTube

The nozzle diameter 0.4 mm produces a layer thickness of 100 – 300 microns, the equivalent width of 2 – 6 human hairs (typically measuring 50 microns). Accessible to use for a range of operating systems, the STARTT is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

The price at $99.99, is also the same in both GBP and Euros (At £99.99 and €99.99) so it doesn’t break the bank whichever country you’re in. For a little extra, buyers can also get a complete starter kit with 2 or 4 spools of PLA filament.

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Featured image shows the STARTT sub $100 3D printer. All photos featured in this article are courtesy of iMakr.