3D Printing

Stampomatica: A 3D Printing, 2D Printing Fusion

Stampomatica is a 3D printed series of micro-machines to print 2D business cards and postcards. The team behind Stampomatica call it ‘the meeting point between past and future, vintage and innovation: a self-commissioned project that allows everyone to approach traditional printing techniques rediscovering their charm and potential.’ As an Illustration and Graphic Design student many moons ago, expect a slightly enamoured article.

Technology is the main catalyst for cultural change and it is changing quicker and quicker, but sometimes it’s good to remember our roots in the past and allow them to make things better now.

Stampomatica is available in two different models: a small handy press to print business cards and a postcard size lever to create stationary and paper goods like invitations, announcements, coasters and so on. Innovative makers will doubtless find many other applications for the models. Back at university we were encouraged to find all kinds of creative uses for mark making devices. Stampomatica will be on the market through web channels, at hand to anyone who can’t resist the allure of a hand-printed business card.

Stampomatica 3D printed Micro-machines printing

Stampomatica say: ‘This project comes from makers’ spirit, from the know-how ad skills of people that work with technology and experience through manual practice. Cutting-edge tools transforming ideas into shapes and finally into tangible things: the result is a clean and linear object, stripped down to its essential and invested with new meanings.’

Needless to say that the metal components were not 3D printed. You’ll have noticed however that home metal printing is just around the corner thanks to projects such as The Vader.

Stampomatica is developed by Tecnificio and Lino’s Type letterpress. It was presented for the first time at the recent Maker Faire in Rome.