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Smartphone 3D Printer OLO Passes $1 Million and Counting on Kickstarter

Last week, we had the pleasure of being the first to announce the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for OLO, the smartphone 3D printer.  After the campaign began, it hit $30K in just three minutes before reaching its $80K goal in a total of 30 minutes. I was reminded by one of our readers that this was not the fastest funding record in Kickstarter history, which was actually achieved by the Pebble smartwatch. Nonetheless, after we broke the story, the campaign was picked up by a wide variety of mainstream media, including Newsweek, causing the OLO to pass the $1 million mark sometime on Saturday. 

olo smartphone 3D print

OLO still has a ways to go if it hopes to become the most-funded 3D printing campaign on Kickstarter, with the 3Doodler 2.0 ($1,552,256), Buccanneer ($1,438,765), 3Doodler ($2,344,134), Form 1 ($2,945,885), and the Micro ($3,401,361) still having earned more than OLO so far. The OLO, however, is currently at $1,277,380 with 29 days to go and new media sites picking up on the story on a regular basis. All it needs to do to become the most-funded 3D printing campaign is to earn roughly $3.5 million in the next month. All it needs to do to beat two other highly funded 3D printing campaigns, the Buccaneer and the LIX pen, is to actually deliver a functioning product to customers.