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Sesame Street's True 3D Printable Protagonists Arrive on MakerBot Digital Store

MakerBot made news earlier this year with its first big brand partnership, adding 3D printable Sesame Street characters to its Digital Store.  I’m going out on a limb, but the world’s reaction, upon seeing 3D printable Mr. Snuffleupagus, Yip-Yip, and Guy Smiley was, “Where the #$*% is my Big Bird?”  Finally, the 3D printer manufacturer released Cookie Monster and Grover with their second series of Sesame models, but, still, the reaction was likely, “Where the #$*% is my Big Bird?”  Well, just in time for the Holidays, here the #$*% is your Big Bird.  Also: Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, and life partners Bert and Ernie.

3D printing sesame street characters for christmas with makerbot

Now, at the MakerBot Digital Store, you can purchase 3D printable models of the show’s true protagonists for $1.99, giving you unlimited prints of these muppets (?) with Christmas accessories (hats, presents, signs referencing the works of Dickens).  Or you can purchase the whole gang for $7.99.  Print their parts separately in a variety of colors or with a 6-nozzle printhead to achieve the full-color properties demonstrated in these pics.

All that’s left is the Count, all of those kids, and the numerous celebrities that appear in the series.  Eh, I always preferred Snuffleupagus anyway. Happy Holidays, y’all!