3D Platforms

Scope For Design offers collaboration for the industry

3D printing on an enterprise level could be about to get a lot simpler thanks to Scope For Design, a platform that aims to make designing, producing and marketing 3D printed products much simpler and more accessible.

The platform aims to fill any gaps in a potential partner’s knowledge and link them up with the right people, in essence like a social network. So a designer, reseller, manufacturer or even the end user can get together to discuss products, iron out the kinks and actually get them to market.

The various disparate strands of the industry can find the best solutions to the issues, too, and simply opening a discourse between the various players and the customers themselves could be invaluable.

Automatic pricing saves time and confusion

The platform has an automated pricing system built in to calculate production costs at any stage of a particular manufacturing cycle so that each party can check their potential profits. Scope for Design even has a range of products ready to go, including phone cases, eyewear and jewelry, which can get retailers and online resellers started.

“Everybody contributes with what they do best and together we can create a unique product for the customer,” said co-founder Simon Bauer. “Designers focus on developing products and can sell them on the platform. Manufacturers can offer a variety of materials and technologies, and make these available to designers for their products.

“Online stores can integrate our software solution via an interface, and sell products to the end user using a 3D configurator. Local businesses can place terminals in their shops and design products together with their customers.

“Even business partners can access the stores and commissions they have acquired. Special B2B access, for opticians for example, allows shop owners to order customized products. Business owners can gauge which models and colours would be the most suitable because they know their customers best.”

Scope for design making 3D printing easier for business

A interesting concept, is it really the answer?

It’s an interesting concept and the platform has huge potential. Is it clever marketing spin on some of the other recent launches and established players? Only time will tell, but there’s clear potential for a platform that connects everybody and lets them get on with finding the best way to do business.

For instance, mass customization and bespoke finishes have often been mooted in the 3D printing world. But while they are obvious benefits, actually implementing them with a proper workflow has proven troublesome.

Scope For Design aims to show that it can achieve this with its eyewear brand POWDER & HEAT to personalise their glasses in terms of size, colour and style. Glasses are complex products, so if Scope For Design can achieve strong results there, it bodes well for other areas of the industry.

Decentraliized manufacturing is another concept that the industry as a whole has been batting round for years. A smaller company might find it is the only way to do business and they can then serve as a test bed for the platform and the industry as a whole. There will be painful lessons and there will be wrong turns, but by simply opening the lines of communication between those that can make a difference then we have to make progress.

It’s a positive step for the industry

Packages like Scope for Design could give the industry as a whole a major boost. It is unlikely to be perfect but, like the products themselves it will evolve into a usable platform that could answer a lot of the questions we as an industry have to deal with on a daily basis.

The company will also offer support for its clients with software, hardware, manufacturing and any other aspect of 3D printed manufacturing. So this could turn into a major breakthrough as clients with an idea and a rough plan can sign up and make their dream into a reality with the help of experienced consultants.