Rösler expands AM Solutions division to offer 3D printing services

AM Solutions, the Italian 3D printing subsidiary of the Rösler Group, a German company specializing in surface finishing solutions, has announced it will be expanding to offering a range of 3D printing services. 

Originally limited post processing for Rösler, AM Solutions is now providing a comprehensive service package using a range of 3D printers and software. The services cover engineering, product design optimization, mechanical post processing, surface finishing and quality control. 

AM Solutions HQ in Italy. Photo via Rösler
AM Solutions HQ in Italy. Photo via Rösler

Post processing for AM at Rösler

With a history stretching as far back as 1933, Rösler has been providing services in the field of surface finishing for over 80 years. The conglomerate offers an extensive portfolio of mass finishing systems, shot blasting, consumables and post processing solutions across 15 different subsidiaries. 

Part of its services covers the finishing of additive manufactured parts, allowing customers to achieve their desired surface quality. In January 2018, Rösler announced the launch of a multi-functional platform for surface finishing 3D printed metal and plastic objects called RapidFinish. Later in the same year, the company collaborated with New York-based PostProcess Technologies to develop automated post-print solutions for the European region.

Rösler’s activities in additive manufacturing are now entirely carried out through its AM Solutions subsidiary. Initially, the subsidiary only covered post processing for additive manufactured parts, which included unpacking, removal of support structures, removing residual powder, surface cleaning and smoothing, edge radiusing, high gloss polishing and more. These services are available for metal, polymer and alloy 3D printed parts using AM Solutions’ selection of post processing machines. 

Additive manufactured parts post processed by Rösler. Photo via Rösler.
Additive manufactured parts post processed by Rösler. Photo via Rösler.

Providing 3D printing services from design to finished product

AM Solutions was expanded to include 3D printing services within its portfolio due to the technical possibilities of additive manufacturing regarding the creation of innovative and optimized components. The design phase is a critical part of the additive manufacturing process, according to AM Solutions, and is therefore an essential part of its 3D printing services as well. 

Using various 3D software and scanning devices, like the simulation tool Altair, CAD software Siemens NX and GOM 3D scanner Atos, the company’s experts are able to provide 3D design support to customers. This includes the designing of parts from scratch, redesigning components for additive manufacturing, the validation of a product design, and topology optimization. 

AM Solutions is able to 3D print the components using a range of materials, including different types of stainless steel, aluminum and titanium. The company houses an EOS M 290 metal DMLS 3D printer, which features a 250 x 250 x 325 mm build volume. AM Solutions also has access to a range of milling machines if 3D printed parts are in need of a subsequent machining step. 

Finally, the company is also able to integrate its post processing solutions with its 3D printing service. As well as helping to finish parts, this also enables the assessment of components during the design stage, allowing AM Solutions to determine whether the customer requirements for a certain surface finish can be met, or whether a design modification is necessary. 

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Featured image shows additive manufactured parts post processed by Rösler. Photo via Rösler.