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Reebok releases Liquid Factory 3D printed Floatride Run sneakers in the U.S.

Two years after announcing its 3D printing based Liquid Factory concept, MA headquartered athletic footwear manufacturer Reebok has released the Liquid Floatride Run shoe.

The new sneaker is the first Liquid Factory product to make it to market. It features 3D printed “laces,” Liquid Grip on the sole, and the company’s new Flexweave material.

According to the company, the shoe is ideal for “Distance running, cardio workouts” and “comfort,” and is a precursor to more ambitious 3D projects to come.

The Liquid Floatride Run shoe. Photo via Reebok
The Liquid Floatride Run shoe. Photo via Reebok

Inside the Reebok Liquid Factory

Reebok’s Liquid Factory process is a “3D drawing” technology, current limited to make small features of the new sneakers. Though “3D” in concept, the technique does not make these features in a layer-upon-layer approach. Instead, a single layer of material is deposited and dried to make the shiny “liquid laces” that crossover the front of the new Liquid Floatride Run shoe, and lightweight grips on the shoe’s outersole.

The material is custom-made by German chemicals giant BASF, and gives each shoe a stretchy and flexible, “lace free” fit.

The best is yet to come

In February 2018 adidas, the parent group of Reebok, also announced commerical availability of its AlphaEDGE 4D LTD shoe with a 3D printed midsole. The AlphaEDGE is the first available product from adidas’s partnership with Carbon, and features CLIP 3D printing technology.

The AlphaEDGE was exclusively availbel to buy through the adidas app at an RRP of $300. A little more conservatively priced  the Liquid Floatride Run sneaker will sell via Reebok’s U.S. website for an RRP of $180.

The Floatride Run, however, is just the beginning of the Liquid Factory concept.

Bill McInnis, head of Reebok Future, states, “The next generation of Liquid Factory products will be even more innovative, as we can create the entire shoe using the Liquid Factory process—outsole, cushioning and upper fit systems—the whole shoe,”

“We are looking forward to bringing many more products to market that incorporate the ground-breaking Liquid Factory process.”

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Featured image shows the Liquid Floatride Run shoe. Photo via Reebok