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Pros & cons of 3D printing metal components

Metal additive manufacturing comes in a variety of forms, from Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF), to binder jetting, extrusion, and Directed Energy Deposition (DED). As a potential customer looking to apply metal 3D printing, the difficulty is now in which method to choose. Not only is this decision application based, customers also have to consider which materials they need, and which mechanical/surface properties are most adequate.

In an upcoming live webinar titled Pros & Cons of 3D Printing Metal Components, California-based metal additive manufacturing service provider 3DEO will be answering some of these questions in relation to the company’s proprietary Intelligent Layering technology.

Registration for this online event is free. It will take place on October 24 at 11am PST, and will be led by the experts at 3DEO. 

Join 3DEO's upcoming Pros & Cons of 3D Printing Metal Components webinar for free now.
Join 3DEO’s upcoming Pros & Cons of 3D Printing Metal Components webinar for free now.

The pros and cons of metal additive manufacturing 

According to 3DEO, there are “four secrets” to successful metal additive manufacturing for production. Briefly, these secrets are:

1. Realizing the general pros and cons of metal 3D printing vs. traditional manufacturing.
2. Understanding the different metal 3D printing processes.
3. Understanding which applications are ideal for each process.
4. The ability to build a winning business case to carry the process into production.

Addressing this criteria, 3DEO’s webinar will explore benefits such as cost-effective, low-volume production of parts with complex geometries, as well as the capability of producing parts on demand – reducing wasteful inventory. It will then go into detail about the advantages and pitfalls of the aforementioned processes. 

“For example,” the company states, “Intelligent Layering boasts excellent surface quality, low cost structure, and the ability to print very fine features [while] PBF has proven itself successful in printing larger parts for high-value aerospace applications.” Added to this will be a discussion matching applications to appropriate processes, concluding with tips on how to build “a winning business case.”

Supporting this final segment of the webinar, 3DEO will supply webinar participants with a worksheet handout to help calculate their business cases and see if it can succeed in production. A Q&A portion will also be featured to encourage discourse on the varying techniques. 

3D printed metal parts. Photo via 3DEO Inc.
3D printed metal parts made using Intelligent Layering technology. Photo via 3DEO Inc.

Reserve your spot

Founded in 2016, 3DEO offers its proprietary Intelligent Layering 3D printing technology as a part production service for customers. The technique uses Metal Injection Molding (MIM) powders, rending it capable of cost-efficient, high volume metal additive manufacturing.

Last year, 3DEO 3D printed over 30,000 paid parts using Intelligent Layering technology, distributing them to customers across various industries. Earlier this year, the company secured two more production customers, comprising 24,000 pieces and 28,000 pieces each.

3DEO’s first webinar, led by Matthew Petros, 3DEO CEO, provided an educational perspective on “Metal 3D Printing Made Easy from Prototyping to Production.” The company has also reached out to young innovators to learn about various 3D printing and post-processing techniques.

Reservation for 3DEO’s October 24 webinar Pros & Cons of 3D Printing Metal Components is free and interested parties can register their place here. If you do miss your chance to take part, this webinar is part of a monthly series from the company giving insight into industry case studies, metal 3D printing technologies, and designing for metal additive manufacturing. Check 3DEO for the latest webinar schedule. 

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Featured image shows 3D printed metal parts made using Intelligent Layering technology. Screengrab via 3DEO Inc.

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