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Printcraft’s Block Manifesto Goes Thingiverse and imaterialise

If the tidal waves of 3D printing related news have pushed Printcraft far away from the shores of your memory, no worries – it’s an application from Paul Harter, designed to easily model and enable 3D printing of Minecraft objects. The man responsible for bringing Markus Persson’s Creepers into the 3rd dimension has been busy spreading the joyous message of creativity for all ages, which has recently resulted in quite interesting new partnerships for both sharing and concretizing together with another new development – an all new server.

Hitting the 3D printing world’s repository major league, Printcraft .STL files are now supported in Makerbot’s Thingiverse. The users can choose from more than a 100 build platforms to start designing the objects to be brought to the physical world via 3D printing.  The basic requirements are simple – if you have a Minecraft account you’re good to go, if not the steps to do so are provided at Printcraft’s website. After that, all you need to do is to log in to us1.printcraft.org or to eu1.printcraft.org depending on the age of your continent, then name your model and just simply push print to get going.

realrouge Creeper keychain Thingiverse

However, not everybody obsessed with Minecraft is blessed with a personal 3D printer. Paul hasn’t forgotten these people either, as a result, the second partnership deal Printcraft has signed is intended to specifically help the people with great 3D print-worthy Minecraft designs, but no means to realize them and it has been made with Fried Vancraen’s imaterialise 3D printing service.

Paul currently has some great momentum going and all seems to be well in the world of Print- and Minecraft. 3DPI’s Editor, Rachel Park, also caught up with Paul at the recent iMakr store opening in London. Paul reported that he is delighted with how things are progressing but also stressed that there is more to come, particularly in terms of engaging with more kids and education. Plans are afoot to get you a further update soon — straight from the horse’s mouth.

Source: Printcraft, Makerbot