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Print Parts launches on demand additive manufacturing service for performance parts

Print Parts Inc., a New York-based additive manufacturing service provider, has announced the launch of its new website, PrintParts.com, which is geared towards providing customers with 3D printed performance parts on demand. 

A newly established service, the company will provide 3D printing bureau services including composite parts using Markforged 3D printers. Print Parts is focusing on supplying its customers with ‘production grade’ products using the high performance materials compatible with Markforged machines. Robert Haleluk, Founder of Print Parts, explains the vision of the company: 

“Print Parts. That’s what we do. Our team creates functional prototypes, high quality concepts, and performance parts to help customers take on mission critical projects with confidence. We love what we do and put passion into every part we print.”

Print Parts is an on demand 3D printing service. Photo via Print Parts.
Print Parts is an on demand 3D printing service. Photo via Print Parts.

From performance parts to fine detailed 3D printing on demand

Using high-performing composite materials like Onyx, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, and Kevlar with its Markforged machines, Print Parts aims to ensure the strength, quality and performance of its products for customers. The company is also providing a service focusing on more intricate 3D printed parts as well using SLA 3D printers, which will help the company provide the accuracy, fine detail and smooth finishes that the technology is known for. 

The mission statement of Print Parts centers on “[helping] customers print parts on demand at a fair cost. The company is dedicated to making 3D printing available and affordable to more customers and businesses of all sizes.” Print Parts has already been providing products for various industries with its on demand 3D printing service, including the defense, automotive, jewelry, robotics, medicine and aerospace sectors. 

Users can upload their files to the website. Photo via Print Parts.
Users can upload their files to the website. Photo via Print Parts.

Customers begin by uploading the stl. or obj. file of their desired part, where they will then receive an instant quote from the company.  They can also request orders at flexible quantities, with Print Parts offering its clients the choice to order from 1 to 1 million parts at reportedly competitive pricing. The reason behind the open-ended ordering model is to allow customers the potential to reduce costs through iterative design by ordering their required amount of prototypes. Furthermore, specialists at the company will also provide customers with industrial design services, technology specific feedback and individualized consulting for their 3D printed parts. 

In celebration of its launch, Print Parts is offering a 25% discount for the next month. The first 100 customers of the website will also receive a special gift, including a PrintParts t-shirt, branded operator’s apron, some stickers and more.

Parts being 3D printed using Print Parts' SLA system. Photo via Print Parts.
Parts being 3D printed using Print Parts’ SLA system. Photo via Print Parts.

Surge in demand for on demand manufacturing

With the launch of Print Prototypes, there are a growing number of on demand manufacturing platforms and 3D printing bureaus providing 3D printing services for customers to source customized products

Most recently we reported on 3DCompare, which, instead of 3D printing the parts in-house, connects you to its verified network of manufacturers to produce your parts. Its services are also not limited to 3D printing, as it also offers injection molding and CNC machining manufacturing services. The company recently revealed that it had raised £150k in a seed funding round, which it will use to develop its web-based quotation tool. 

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Featured image shows the Print Parts logo. Photo via Print Parts.