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Insstek and Z3DLAB Join Forces

InssTek Korea and Z3DLAB France, are working together to offer their customers the best in advanced material for aeronautic parts repair and medical implants. On 5th June InssTek and Z3DLAB announced their intention to deploy ZTi-Powder® and ZTi-Med® on InssTeks product line, which is aimed at the repair of used parts in the aeronautic sector and the medical orthopedic implant market.

InssTek is proficient in Direct Metal Tooling (DMT) Technology, which has been successfully used to repair parts of a F-15K fighter jets belonging to the main fleet of the South Korean Air Force. Z3DLAB is a French company, an expert in Additive Manufacturing (AM) and has specialized in engineering Advanced Material for AM.  Z3DLAB continues it’s deployment of its ZTiPowder® to the DMT technology with InssTek to provide a more advanced repair situation compared to regular TA6V by increasing the life span of their repair parts by up to 30%.

InssTek metal surface coatings, once applied to orthopedic implants, allow a three-dimensional interconnected array of pores throughout the coating thickness. This in turn helps to promote bone tissue growth and provides long-term stability of the implant. Z3DLAB has announced the release of ZTi-Med® earlier this year, which is a non-toxic and low MPC DMT® 3D metal printer for special coating of orthopedic implants. ZTi-Powder® Ta6V and Nano-Ceramic Alloy young modulus Advanced Material has also been developed for the medical world. This new material composed of Ti and Ceramic fusion can be applied as a coating on orthopedic implants and provides a non-toxic coating.


  • Reduce cost and repair time of used aeronautic parts
  • Be ready for next generation of cutting edge implants

About Z3DLAB

As a French company expert in AM, Z3DLAB has worked on the advanced feedstock of Additive Manufacturing based on metal powder beds from its early stages. They specialise in Titanium metallurgy and Nanoceramics. Z3DLAB is a member of the pole ASTech, the French aerospace cluster of competitiveness.

About InssTek

InssTek are experts in DED (Directed Energy Deposition) in the 3D metal printing market. The company was established in 2001 for developing and commercializing metal 3D printing across the globe. InssTek has developed its own DED process named DMT (Directed Metal Tooling) which makes it easier to manufacture products with complex shapes and specific functions. The technology is classified as Directed Energy Deposition by ASTM standards.