Polymaker introduces Polymaker Industrial™ product family for industrial customers

Polymaker, the Shanghai-based 3D printing materials company, has launched a new range of products: the Polymaker Industrial™ family.

Polymaker Industrial™ targets industrial customers looking for 3D printing materials and customized solutions. As we recently reported, Polymaker raised VC funding of $5 million.

Range of industrial 3D printing materials

The range offers almost 20 different materials including PLA, ABS, PC (polycarbonate), TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), Nylon, and PVB. With this material portfolio a wide range of properties and functions, ranging from mechanical strength to flame retardance are available. The materials are available in filament, pellet and powder form.

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According to the company many of the materials were developed for specific industrial applications. For example, PolyCast™ SP801C, is a material developed specifically for investment casting applications, engineered for a clean burn out when fired in a kiln.

Low production runs and casting application

Polymaker says their materials are already used for low production runs. Feedback from customers is also encouraging. During a conversation at Formnext Polymaker were told by a visitor about issues with, “casting thin walled [<1mm] wax patterns, the rapid expansion of the wax before melting can easily crack the investment.”

We are so pleased to have Polymaker Industrial as our partner”, says Dean Lee, CEO of largest in-house 3D printing factory in China: 1001Hao.

The wide range of high-quality materials offered in the Polymaker Industrial range enables us not only to make top-quality parts consistently, but also to develop new applications and expand into new markets that would not be possible before. This helps us offer our customers more solutions to their prototyping and production needs. 

Polymaker’s president Dr. Xiaofan Luo, believes, “3D printing will for sure reshape the landscape of manufacturing, and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. We are so excited to fuel this development and look forward to making more contributions to the industry.”

Polymaker is exhibiting at booth N5-H26 during this week’s TCT Asia show. More information about the new range is available online.