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Polymaker Introduces New Filament for 3D Printing

Polymaker, an innovative producer of high-quality filament for extrusion based desktop 3D printers, unveils PC-Max, a new filament to join the family of Polycarbonate filaments on offer in Polymaker’s repertoire. Much like PolyMax PLA is an optimized PLA filament, PC-Max takes the already impressive characteristics of Polycarbonate, one step further.

On top of the release of PC-Max, Polymaker are adding three additional colour choices to their range of PolyPlus PLA and PolyMax. These new colours are: True Green, True Purple and True Grey.



Following on from PC-Plus, PC-Max offers increased tensile strength and impact resistance, making it one of the toughest filaments on the market. Aimed at the engineering sector this new filament has been in the research and development lab at Polymaker for over a year. The mechanical properties are unmatched by anything the industry has seen before. Polymaker have minimised the residual stress of PC-Max by reducing the warping effect that plagues printing filaments towards the higher printing heat range. The dimensional stability of PC-Max gives this filament excellent heat resistance (over 110°C) making PC-Max suitable for mechanically demanding applications.
The introduction of the Polymaker PC family is the result of Polymaker partnering with Covestro, formerly Bayer Material Science. Covestro, which provided the raw polycarbonate resins for Polymaker PC, has built a stellar reputation as a world-leading supplier of innovative, sustainable and diverse high-tech polymer materials. Polymaker’s material scientists work closely with the Covestro team to enhance the formulation of the polycarbonate 3D filament to imbue it with unprecedented properties and functionalities for 3D printing.
“Covestro’s expertise, portfolio of products and industry leadership will be invaluable to our mission to provide the industry with the best materials with the performance, reliability and safety that will inspire our customers and expand our product portfolio,” – Dr. Xiaofan Luo, CEO of Polymaker.

Polymaker PC-Max will be available in May on the Polymaker website and through Polymaker’s worldwide distributor network.



About the company

Polymaker is a company committed to innovation, quality and sustainability in the pursuit of producing high-quality materials for the 3D printing industry. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Polymaker now has global offices in the USA, Netherlands and Japan. With their state-of-the-art manufacturing center and market leading quality control process, Polymaker’s filaments are not only ensured to have the best quality standards, but also provide innovative properties. Whether it is with their increased mechanical strength, unparalleled Jam-Free printing or the world’s first 3D printable foam based filament, Polymaker will continue to bring new performance enhanced materials to the 3D printing community.