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When Pigs Fly: Air Hogs 3D Files are Released for 3D Printing

The Air Hogs design team released the 3D files for the 3D printed cage for their Air Hog helicopters, the Heli Caged Armored Edition. With the release, 3D printer users can obtain and add their own “armor” for their Air Hogs. The frame acts as a cage-like shield that also affects flight. Attaching the printed armor creates a forward bias for air tactics.

Daryl Tearne and his design team developed a functional and printable armor and decided to release the files for public enjoyment. The final design had to endure a few tweaks to ensure dependability and proper flight functions. As the physics came together, the software entered accessibility.

A free file can be found through Air Hogs and they promote home printing. The design can be tinkered with at the leisure of users opting to download the files. If the user is without a home printer, Air Hogs promotes Sculpteo for their 3D printing needs.

Aside from adding a warrior element to the Air Hog, the printed armor can give flights a reckless abandon. Similar to the freedom one feels when wearing a helmet, risks seem to be a more natural choice for fun. And with the forward bias, the Caged Armored Edition is practically begging for some top gun maneuvers.

Heli Cage Armor 3D Printed 3D Printing Airhog

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