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Open 3D Printing Design Office in London

An interesting new concept has spun out from 3Dprintuk — called mak3D — which introduces an open, co-working design office with 3D printing facilities in the city of London.

The premise for mak3D is to provide skilled 3D designers with free desks to work on projects and benefit from the in-house 3D printing capabilities — an Objet30 high definition 3D printer — in return for them contributing 2 hours a week to work on 3Dprintuk projects.

Not only does mak3D make advanced 3D printing technology available to designers that may not otherwise have access to it for their projects but it also fosters collaboration and innovation in an open setting. It did strike me as being something similar to the FabLab concept, maybe a little posher?

mak3d office

Mak3D states that as the organization continues to develop more 3D printers will be on the way. For freelance 3D designers in London this is a great opportunity to work on their own projects with minimal investment and risk while benefitting from advanced 3D printing tech.

About 3dprintuk

3dprintuk is a state of the art 3d printing bureau producing 3D models from sketches, written descriptions and CAD files for architects, designers, exhibitors, medical purposes and more.