Oerlikon and MT Aerospace partner to offer metal 3D printing to aerospace customers

Oerlikon AM, the additive manufacturing branch of Swiss technology group Oerlikon has entered into a part supply partnership with Augsburg-based MT AerospaceIn this new venture, the two companies aim to bring digitization to the aerospace industry and accelerate the adoption of metal 3D printing. 

Hans J. Steininger, Chief Executive Officer of MT Aerospace AG, said, “The companies contribute their respective expertise in component design and manufacturing, as well as component testing and qualification, to offer customers a “one-stop-shop” from product specification to a finished, qualified part.”

A 3D printed metal bracket manufactured by Oerlikon. Image via Oerlikon.
A 3D printed metal bracket manufactured by Oerlikon. Image via Oerlikon.

Spreading metal 3D printing

Founded in 1965, MT Aerospace is a subsidiary of the Bremen-based OHB SE, which is the third largest corporation in the European space sector. MT Aerospace has closely worked and continues to work with the European Space Agency (ESA), especially on manufacturing the Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle (IXV) and the ARIANE 6 launch vehicle.

In addition to this, the aerospace company also owns Aerotech Peissenberg a German aerospace parts manufacturer and MT Mechatronics which is responsible for supplying antennas and mechatronics.

MT Aerospace’s recent partner Oerlikon has been very active in promoting the adoption of 3D printing on an industrial scaleUnder this initiative, Oerlikon has formed relationships with China’s 3D printer manufacturer Farsoon TechnologiesOerlikon is also working with Boeing to develop standards for metal 3D printed parts in the aerospace industry.

The metal specialist has stated its strategy is to increase presence in the U.S. With this in mind, earlier this year, the company inaugurated a $55 million facility in North Carolina. In the next three years, a further $200 million is expected to be invested in the region.

A 3D printing facility of Oerlikon. Image via Oerlikon.
A 3D printing facility of Oerlikon. Image via Oerlikon.

3D printing in aerospace

The aerospace industry has been one of the most prolific users of 3D printing technology for end-use production. The partnership between Oerlikon and MT Aerospace is likely to lead to further growth of metal AM in the aerospace sector. The two companies have the expertise to take an idea from design to production to qualification, thus streamlining the metal 3D printing process. 

Michael Suess, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oerlikon, commented, “Through this partnership, we look forward to continuing to lead innovation and digitization trends in the aerospace industry by accelerating and scaling up the process from concept to operational delivery.”

“To advance the application of additive manufacturing, collaboration with key players like MT Aerospace is essential. We are looking forward to bringing more additively manufactured parts to aerospace.”

Both companies are exhibiting at the ongoing Paris Air Show, Oerlikon is at booth G79 in Hall 2B and MT Aerospace can be found at C318 in Hall 2C.

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Featured image shows a 3D printed metal bracket manufactured by Oerlikon. Image via Oerlikon.