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NTopology Releases Free Version of Their Computer-Generative Design Software “Element”

Last week, I had to pleasure to visit the NYC-based offices of nTopology, the startup creating the next generation of computer generative design software. I sat down with co-founder Bradley Rothenberg, we discussed the creation of their Element software, as well as his workshop at last week’s Inside 3D Printing New York, where he taught attendees about generating lattice structures optimized for 3D printing technology. Now, nTopology has just released a free version of their Element software for Windows, giving anyone with an interest in creating optimal, interlaced lattice structures access to their advanced design tools.

The Element Free software

Currently, the Element Pro software is under a closed beta testing, but if you go onto the nTopology website, you can input your information and receive a download link within 24 hours. By engineering the software with specific algorithms and rule sets, Rothenberg and the nTopology team were able to streamline the intensive process of designing lattice structures. The Element Free software will provide interested designers and engineers their full set of lattice design tools, which will enable them to experiment with and create sets complex structures fast and efficiently. Visit their website here to get acquainted with their new computer generative design software!ntop1

Check out a video demonstration of the nTopology Element software below!

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