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nScrypt releases nStudio machine control software for beta testing

High-precision micro dispenser manufacturer nScrypt has released its new 3D printing machine control software, nStudio, for beta testing for a number of its Factory in a Tool (FiT) systems users. 

The next-generation software is expected to both improve upon and replace the company’s current and older versions of its software with improved user-friendliness and additional features.

“We are excited to release nStudio for beta,” said Dr. Ken Church, CEO of nScrypt. “Our users asked for many of these features and others were developed by our talented software team.

“This feature-packed, user-friendly software package will make our Factory in a Tool 3D manufacturing systems even more powerful and enable our users to fabricate complete products, like fully-functioning electronic devices, with greater ease.”

nScrypt's nRugged 3D printer.
nScrypt’s new nRugged 3D printer. Photo via nScrypt.

nScrypt’s Factory in a Tool system

Since its establishment in 2002, nScrypt has focused its operations on 3D printing and micro-dispensing, which involves depositing droplets of ink in volumes of less than one microliter to facilitate multi-material 3D printing.

The company’s FiT technology combines microdispensing, material extrusion, micro-milling, and pick and place tool heads with multiple cameras for autonomous, hybrid manufacturing. 

nScrypt’s substantial range of FiT 3D printers includes the 3Dn Series, the 3Dn-DDM series, and the nRugged system, the latest of which it recently unveiled at AMUG 2021. Compatible with the firm’s entire line of specialized toolheads, the machines are well-suited for the 3D printing of electronic devices. 

The FiT 3D printers are capable of switching seamlessly between each of the nScrypt’s specialized tool heads using the company’s tool changing system, and can run multiple toolheads simultaneously.

nScrypt’s FiT 3D printing technology has previously been used to produce engine parts for automotive R&D firm Larsen Motorsports’ latest dragster, and demonstrated as a potential production tool for the US Army.

The system's tool changer can be used to switch between the different tool heads. GIF via nScrypt.
The system’s tool changer can be used to switch between the different tool heads. GIF via nScrypt.

Machine control software improvements

Building on its current and previous machine control software for its FiT systems, nScrypt’s new nStudio software package features several improvements on its predecessors. 

The new software now offers an option to pause after scanning, and sees ROI scan pathing sped up and separated from the Area scan element. 

In addition, if already in position the machine will not move up to ‘safeZ’, while scanning percent has increased in accuracy and a new measure cylinder tool can be applied within the project editor element of the software. 

nScrypt's microdispensing SmartPump. Photo via nScrypt.
nScrypt’s microdispensing SmartPump. Photo via nScrypt.

nStudio’s new features

Engineered to be a next-generation software to replace nScrypt’s previous machine control offerings, nStudio features a whole host of additional features for users. The software is designed to be intuitive and is equipped with an easy-to-learn user interface optimized to show all necessary controls within a consolidated view.

Some highlights of the new software’s offerings include a new client-server architecture to allow for remote operations, and a new user identification feature that enables NIST compatibility with optional Windows Active Directory. nStudio streamlines the printing workflow with a file-centric focus in favour of job-centric, and the software’s visuals match that of the process flow.

Alongside fully integrated machine setup, the software includes future application-centric modules such as nStudio-Bio and nStudio-Circuit. New additions also include enhanced graphical design, separated print preparation and machine operation elements, and a 3D viewer for scan paths and fiducial positions, among other features. 

Beta testing of nStudio by a number of nScrypt’s FiT systems users is commencing, with the company expecting the software package to replace its existing machine control offering if successful. 

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Featured image shows nStudio logo. Image via nScrypt.