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NinjaTek & taulman3D Team Up to Take on 3D Printing Materials Market

The materials market for 3D printing is set to boom, surpassing $1 billion in global turnover by 2019.  As new materials are developed and discovered, a number of players setting themselves up to take advantage of this growth. For instance, chemical leader Eastman has already found their way into the world of 3D printing and colorFabb, with its own in-house chemical production, is an established material brand.  Today, two of the leading names in filament manufacturing have formed a powerful partnership that has primed them to play an essential role in this soon-to-be billion dollar industry.

taulman3d nylon 680 3D printing filamentJust recently, Fenner Drives spun its overwhelmingly successful NinjaFlex flexible 3D printing line into an entire subsidiary called NinjaTek.  Now, the filament division has joined up with one of the original pioneers of printing materials, taulman3D, so that both NinjaTek and taulman will carry each companies’ products. While taulman 3D will now carry the firm, but bendable, SemiFlex range of filaments, NinjaTek will carry Nylon 645 and Alloy 910. This broadens NinjaTek’s offering from purely flexible filaments to industrial grade materials and, simultaneously, gives taulman3D a broader range of flexible materials, as well, with SemFlex. Together, the two companies can provide all of the materials necessary for durable industrial products and flexible components, like seals and gaskets, all ideal for prototyping and potential short-run manufacturing.

Wendy Booker, Vice President and General Manager of NinjaTek, said of the deal, ““NinjaTek products have built their name on reliable quality and unique performance characteristics. Our SemiFlex product is flexible yet firm, making it perfect for snap-together parts. Joining our products with those of taulman3D provides one-stop purchase options for customers seeking the best 3D printing materials on the market.”

Tom Martzall, Founder of taulman3D, added, ““At taulman3D, we are constantly working with top Chemical Companies and others to develop 3D Printing specific quality materials. We believe the NinjaFlex Brand, with its excellent strength and flexibility, offers customers from Industry to DIY designers an extremely feature rich material. We see the partnership as creating an excellent opportunity for joining together customers seeking high performance and quality products.””

Given the reputations for both brands in the 3D printing community, it’s hard for me to believe that this won’t lead NinjaTek and taulman3D to establish a firm foundation in the materials marketplace, even as the industry grows and ever more powerful players enter.  Prosumers and professionals alike will be able to also benefit from the deal, knowing that two important companies are now working together to provide for their customers.