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A new warranty service for 3D printers

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Any initiative or program to improve service provision in the 3D printing industry will always be most welcome and this may be so for most, if not all, 3D printing enthusiasts. An Australian service provider –  Computergate Australia, is leading by example on this front by taking a warranty service program for 3D printers to market so as to address a lack of support for the devices.
On-site extended warranty, helpdesk assistance during business hours, and telephone and on-site support are some of the services included in the program.

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The service is to be sold through distributors to both resellers and customers and in order to achieve this, Computergate is partnering with a nonprofit industry body – Australian 3D Manufacturing Association (A3DMA) of which the two organizations will work to identify which 3D print vendors to take to market and receive accreditation. Computergate already has accreditation for Robox, Zeus and Mojo.

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According to Computergate Chief Executive Mario Greco, businesses and schools have been discouraged from investing in 3D printing due to lack of support and extended warranties.
“By implementing our managed maintenance programs we expect to deliver superior service offerings to support all products in the field that will provide our customers with a seamless experience,” said Greco.

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Big names in the IT industry are throwing their weight behind 3D printing like Konica Minolta from Japan who have recently announced they are working to address service response times for 3D printers by offering same-day services as well as rental and leasing options to resellers. 3D Printing Systems and software vendor Makers Empire together with Trans-Tasman IT provider Datacom are working to bring 3D printing solutions to primary schools.
And lastly, Budget supermarket chain Aldi ruffled some feathers when it began advertising a 3D printer for $499.

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