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3D printing deal for Quebec

Two Quebec institutions have signed a joint partnership to further the cause of 3D printing in the French-Canadian region.

The Centre de Recherche Industrielle du Quebec (CRIQ) and the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) will work together, share information and pool resources to help Quebec companies exploit the potential of additive printing.


The deal benefits local business

This new partnership will help local companies that are part of the Reseau Quebec-3D association and will allow them to attend CME events at preferred rates. They will also promote the activities of all the members on their websites:


Members of both organisations will also take a place on the Canada Makes Additive Manufacturing Advisory Board and the Reseau Quebec-3D co-ordination committee. This will give both companies a voice and a chance to help shape the future of the Canadian additive printing industry.


3D printing to take over Canada?

Together they hope to convince Canadian industry that 3D printing has a great deal to offer. With the sheer geographical spread of this monstrous nation, together with the fact that transport is limited to planes and trucks on the legendary ice roads in the winter, there’s a lot to be said for producing parts locally.

As 3D printing moves towards mass manufacturing capabilities, this could have a major impact on the furthest flung communities in countries like Canada.

“This agreement demonstrates CRIQ’s determination to work with the best partners to offer a range of services that will speed up the adoption of additive manufacturing by businesses in the Quebec manufacturing sector,” declared CRIQ CEO Denis Hardy.


3D printing is an industrial revolution in the making

Martin Lavoie, Executive Director of Canada Makes, said:  “Additive manufacturing is a critical part of the industrial revolution that is knocking at our doors right now. The partnership announced today will allow Quebec manufacturing firms to take part in joint R&D projects with firms elsewhere in Canada and access a wide array of additive manufacturing training activities.”

The President of the Manufactureurs et Exportateurs du Quebec (MEQ) said: “This partnership reflects the MEQ’s leadership in making innovation the critical issue for the government and businesses of Quebec.”

CRIQ has made deals to support Reseau Quebec-3D before. The last was signed with Pole de Recherche et d’Innovation en Materiaux Avances au Quebec (PRIMA). That partnership is still in place as CRIQ looks to further the cause of additive printing across the region and the nation.


Denis Hardy, of CRIQ, meets dignitaries to discuss 3D printing


The history of CRIQ

CRIQ was founded more than 45 years ago and is determined to boost business at a local, regional and international level. It concentrates on forging partnerships between companies that have a potential symbiosis and then works on improving the service, products and productivity. It has 200 employees working at labs in Quebec and Montreal on more than 2000 projects every year.

MEC helps businesses and local authorities with employee relations, export and other issues that companies face on a daily basis. It also works to foster relations between Canadian businesses and runs regular networking and corporate events.