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New Version of Ultimaker’s 3D Printing Software: Cura SW – 13.03

Ultimaker has launched a new updated version of its one-stop 3D printing solution software Cura – with a version numbered 13.03.

So what’s new? Some integration touches on several icons, a bigger view of the actual 3D model instead of the different parameters and settings, a new feature for levelling uneven bottom parts of prints and others. Watch the video below for a more visual brief on the new looks and features of Cura 13.03.

Curascreencast 1 from Ultimaker on Vimeo.

There’s a second video on Ultimaker’s site as well (in the source link), but if you want to download it right away – then just hit the respective Github link below to get creating immediately.

Source: Ultimaker Blog, Cura download on GitHub

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