New post-processing workflow from DyeMansion, presented at RAPID + TCT

DyeMansion is a German-based producer of finishing systems for 3D printed parts. The company is known for its unique post-processing technology for SLS 3D printed parts.

Parts post-processed by DyeMansion for Shapeways. Photo via DyeMansion

“Print-to-Product” workflow

At RAPID + TCT DyeMansion will be demonstrating its complete “Print-to-Product” workflow. The three-step process aimed at industrial 3D printers takes raw 3D printed parts and turns them into finished products. The workflow consists of three automated processes, Powershot C for cleaning, Powershot S for surfacing and DM60 for coloring. Besides SLS, the process works with all major powder-bed 3D printing processes, such as HP’s Multi Jet Fusion

DyeMansion co-founder and CTO, Philipp Kramer, is giving a presentation today at RAPID + TCT. The presentation will feature case studies from the eyewear and automotive industry about how to achieve high-value products using DyeMansion technology.

EOS, a producer of industrial 3D printers and a DyeMansion partner, has been using the Print-to-Product workflow at their headquarters in Krailling, Germany since last year.

DyeMansion’s industrial post-processing systems fo AM: Powershot C for automated depowdering, DM60 coloring system, Powershot S for automated surface finish [L-R]
DyeMansion’s industrial post-processing systems, Powershot C for automated depowdering, DM60 coloring system, Powershot S for automated surface finish [L-R]
On-demand finishing, with a new U.S. solution center

DyeMansion is currently setting up a U.S. solution center that will make the technology more accessible with an on-demand finishing service. The company is offering a benchmarking service “TryMansion,” for those interested in the capabilities of DyeMansion finishing and coloring processes.

“We are happy to officially announce our local presence in North America. This is a key strategic step for DyeMansion entering this market and puts us even closer to our customers to further jointly develop the 3D-printing market,” said Daniel Stroh, Managing Director, DyeMansion North America.

At this year’s Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG), PostProcess, a developer of automated post-printing technology, announced a new software extension for its AUTOMAT3D program, aiming to provide data for post-processing, “connecting the digital thread through the post-printing step.”

Last year, CEO and co-founder of DyeMansion, Felix Ewald, spoke to 3D Printing Industry about his vision for the next five years in 3D printing.

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Featured image shows parts post-processed by DyeMansion for Shapeways. Photo via DyeMansion