Latest AMUG 2018 releases PostProcess, BASF, Optomec

This week, 3D Printing Industry is reporting live from the 2018 Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) conference in St. Louis, Missouri (appropriately abbreviated as STL). A week-long schedule of presentations and discussions, many companies also take the opportunity to make new product announcements at the show. Today we have a round up of the latest 3D software, materials and hardware releases from PostProcess, BASF and Optomec.

PostProcess upgrades the digital thread

Automated post-printing developer PostProcess Technologies has announced a new software extension for its AUTOMAT3D™ program. CONNECT3D™ extends AUTOMAT3D tools into the cloud for the first time to complete the digital thread between design, additive manufacturing and post-processing.

“Currently, the concept of the ‘digital thread’ within additive manufacturing ends once parts are printed,” explains Daniel Hutchinson, Founder & CTO of PostProcess,

“Conventional finishing processes rely on tribal knowledge and hand tools so there is no ability to collect or transfer data.”

According to Hutchinson, the lack of data for post-printing fundamentally weakens the design process and jeopardizes critical properties in the finished part.

“Now, with CONNECT3D,” he concludes,”PostProcess has brought the first solution to the industry that connects the digital thread through the post-printing step. This is revolutionary for additive manufacturing in its entirety, not just post-printing.”

PostProcess Technologies booth at AMUG 2018. Photo via PostProcess
PostProcess Technologies booth at AMUG 2018. Photo via PostProcess

BASF partners with Essentium Materials

Global chemical manufacturing giant BASF has entered into a 3D printer filament manufacturing fracturing partnership with Essentium Materials, headquartered in Texas. Together, the companies will pool a “substantial part” of their FDM/FFF 3D printer filament range under the Ultrafuse brand name.

In addition, BASF has released the Ultrasint PA6 LM X085 material for selective laser sintering (SLS) processes at the show, and the company is working on new developments in the photopolymer category.

BASF X400M photopolymer resin 3D printed samples. Photo via BASF
BASF X400M photopolymer resin 3D printed samples. Photo via BASF

Optomec showcases first LENS Hybrid System

A hybrid system for subtractive (CNC) and LENS-based additive manufacturing technology is highlighted at Optomec’s AMUG 2018 stand, alongside 5 axis Aerosol Jet technology for 3D printed electronics.

To demonstrate the technology’s capabilities company representatives are hosting several talks: “The Quiet Transition to Additive Manufacturing in Series Production,” “Powder Bed Fusion vs. Directed Energy Deposition: A Case Study in Speed,” andFunctionalizing Structures via Aerosol Jet 3D Printed Electronics.”

Other announcements at the show

HP and Rize Inc., maker of the Rize One 3D printer and augmented polymer deposition (APD) technology, have also made an announcements at AMUG 2018. HP’s demonstration of full-scale Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing for series production can be found here. Rize’s new Digitally Augmented Parts (DAP) process can be reviewed here.

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Featured image shows the AMUG 2018 exhibition floor. Photo by Michael Petch