3D Printing

MakeWhale Brings Beautiful 3D Printed Products to the Indian Marketplace

The 3D printing market in India has been experiencing significant growth over the last few years. Many companies, small and large, have been taking advantage of 3D printing for prototype development and in some cases manufacturing. In the last year, GE’s flexible factory and Stratasys’ 3D experience center show that major companies are trying to get a foothold in the Indian 3D printing market. While much of this market is focused on prototyping, MakeWhale is a design house focused on customized 3D products for consumers.

makewhale 3D printed wedding invitation

MakeWhale’s founder Sidharrth Sah was first exposed to 3D printing in 2012, while completing his MBA in California. He quickly developed a passion for 3D printing and eventually founded MakeWhale as a way to combine his newfound passion with his business background.  As one of India’s first design houses, MakeWhale provides 3D printed products that are customized to their clients’ specifications.

makewhale 3D printed cufflinks

So far, they have some very unique designs in their portfolio, with products ranging from wedding invitations, to iPhone cases, jewelry, and art.  They also have the ability to print in a variety of materials, like sandstone, flexible materials, metals and plastic.  In addition to being a design house, the five-person MakeWhale team can also work with customers to produce their own designs.

3D printed makewhale lord ganesha print

As the 3D printing industry continues to grow worldwide, we need companies like MakeWhale to help the industry evolve. Manufacturing and prototyping are essential aspects of the industry, but companies like MakeWhale are the ones that are able to connect with people and showcase the value of 3D printing.