M. Holland signs 3D printing materials agreement with 3DXTECH

M. Holland Company, a U.S. distributor of thermoplastic resins, has signed a distribution agreement with 3DXTECH, a 3D printing materials manufacturer based in Michigan.

The deal will expand M. Holland’s distribution inventory and widen its customer base.

Haleyanne Freedman, M. Holland’s Global 3D Printing Engineering Specialist, said, “At M. Holland, our mission is to give our industrial clients agnostic advice about how to integrate 3D printing into their operations to create value.”

“the 3DXTECH product line gives us a full portfolio of high quality, engineering-grade materials, which we can marry with objective recommendations about methods and machinery to deliver the optimal solutions to our clients.”

3DXTECH’s range of high-grade 3D printing filaments. Image via 3DXTECH
3DXTECH’s range of high-grade 3D printing filaments. Image via 3DXTECH

3D printing and manufacturing thermoplastics

M. Holland has a large bank of suppliers, providing various thermoplastics resins and filaments, particularly, for the automotive and medical industry. Its network of suppliers includes Mitsubishi Engineering, Owens Corning and German chemical giant BASF that has made a number of strategic 3D printing materials investments in the past year.

Specifically, Mitsubishi Engineering supplies M.Holland with its proprietary Iupital Acetal (POM) resin, a chemical-resistant thermoplastic used for precision tasks in automobiles and electronics. BASF, on the other hand, supplies Petra Thermoplastic Polyester (PET), an injection molding resin, and ULTRASON, an FDA approved high-temperature plastic used in the food and medical industry.

Specifically for 3D printing, M. Holland sells ABS, polypropylene (PP), and nylon products. The company manufactures and supplies its own brand of ABS, called MTEGRITY. It is also a reseller of Owens Corning’s XSTRAND range of filaments in the U.S. These filaments include the GF30-PA6 (Nylon) and GF30-PP (Polypropylene).

Currently, the company only sells to clients in the U.S and Canada.

Twenty-four 3D printing materials 

The newly signed distribution agreement with 3DXTECH will bring twenty-four filaments to the market through M.Holland. These will include 3DXTECH PEEK, carbon fiber enhanced nylon filament, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) materials.

Matt Howlett, the Founder, and CEO of 3DXTECH explained, “Our agreement with M. Holland provides us a great opportunity to merge our relationships with injection molders, extruders, and OEMs who already use 3D printing or want to integrate it into their industrial manufacturing practices.”

ESD safe filaments manufactured by 3DXTech. Image via 3DXTech
ESD safe filaments manufactured by 3DXTech. Image via 3DXTech

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Featured image shows 3DXTECHC’s range of high-grade 3D printing filaments. Image via 3DXTECH