3D Printing

Lock Haven University Offers Free 3D Printing Overview to Inform the Public

The America Makes network, which hopes to transform America’s Rust Belt of industrial manufacturing into the Tech Belt of cutting edge additive manufacturing, is influencing the entire region it inhabits, from Ohio to Pennsylvania. Even colleges that aren’t formally a part of the 3D printing network, like Lock Haven University in Clearfield, PN are catching the 3D printing bug.  The school’s Department of Business and Computer Science is partnering with LHU Clearfield and the Clearfield County Economic Development Corp. to offer a course titled “Entrepreneurship Through 3D Printing” to educate local students and community members about the new technology. 

The course is completely free to the community, housed in LHU’s founder hall March 7, 2:30 to 4 pm.  Those able to attend will be treated to an overview of 3D printing and how they might be used to launch new businesses through the prototyping of products to demonstrate to potential investors. The course, presented by LHU professor, Krish Pillai, will include live demonstrations of the technology with a 3D printer on hand.

This overview is likely to be part of a larger trend of local institutions informing the public about the benefits of 3D printing. As word spreads about the technology, and interest grows, it’s easy to imagine information about 3D printing spreading from one node of the global community to the next. I hate to use the brain analogy here, but it’s like neurons firing in a giant collective brain!

Source: Gant Daily