3D Printing

LAY-AWAY, a series of un-ordinary support filaments for FDM



The market for 3D materials building was continuing.
There are now in every industrialized country at least one major manufacturer, and many small traders for FDM filaments.

What there is not anything?
Filaments that glow in the night or thermo-chromatic once flipping it´s colour under differnt temperature, in the light reflective those which, like wood or stone like filaments, which can be polished like bronze or some who are conductive a little or are even reinforced with nano-carbon fibers.

Not forgetting Lay Ceramic which you can print waterproof ceramics that can withstand 1000 ° C.

Kai Parthy known for some sophisticated materials has experimented again a year and released today a series of un-ordinary filaments. These are particularly interesting if you print complex objects like. Such with overhang, need support structures so as the balcony of the house does not fall down while your printer is printing this.

Users of dual print heads use it usually PVA, a thermoplastic polyvinyl alcohol which dissolves in water and is physiologically harmless.

For temperature-stable objects that need to be printed in a heated build-room, also like to use the expert HIPS filament as support material and wash this off with Limonene solvent. This method is not without drawbacks, since Limonene is quite expensive,long smells from the print object out, and you have to store the used Limonene in various degrees of pollution.

Water, however, water is as a solvent always available and can be disposed of easily contaminated easily.

Kai has made it his mission to refine Standard-PVA for various uses.

He developed 4 filaments, all very dimensionally stable and good adhesion to the printing platform.